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Voice of the South is more than just a voice. It is also a dynamic movement that’s about positive change, cooperative action and social cause. We're not content with mere words; we're on a mission to create meaningful transformation in the provinces south of Manila. Our vision is bold, clear, and noble, and we're teaming up with like-minded organizations and individuals to pave the way for innovations, particularly those hinged on alleviating poverty, educating the masses, preserving nature, alleviating poverty, and empowering communities.


Humble Beginnings

Picture a tiny seed growing into a fruitful tree which then disseminates thousands of seeds, each regenerating its own kind. Just as great things emerge from small beginnings, Voice of the South evolved from a simple newsletter in June 2003, distributed in neighborhood mailboxes. We've grown from printing 3,000 copies to 5,000 to 10,000 copies upwards, and then moved on to the email edition and online (, reaching over 20,000 readers each month.


A Call for Smarter Urbanization

In 2002, publisher Jo Chanco, saw the challenges facing Metro Manila: congestion, deteriorating quality of life, water shortages, and more. In the face of these issues, he saw opportunities for change. A goal was then defined: to decentralize and decongest Metro Manila by promoting the development of nearby provinces. But it is a goal bearing hope that new paradigms for living be created, one that's cleaner, ecologically sound, and resource-efficient. Imagine well-designed townships, well-planned cities, strategically zoned residential, commercial and industrial areas, practical roadways, intelligent power systems, more efficient water management—aesthetics, ingenuity and sustainability integrated into the urban fabric.


This would require partnering with private and public organizations and stakeholders; identifying problems and solutions; and initiating projects that would make cities in the south become better alternatives. And like all things planned well, slowly, but surely, is the way to go about this dream.


A Bold Voice Against Corruption and Government Ineptness

Across different administrations, Voice of the South has stood firm, boldly critiquing corruption and outdated governance models. Our stories expose what is wrong and challenge the damaging policies that hinder progress and undermine our nation's honor. Partnered with expertise who contribute opinion to the think tank, and advertisers who are essentially sponsors and stakeholders, Voice of the South is committed to dismantling regressive and hypocritical leadership influences to pave the way for good change and authentic progress.

Governance for a Changed World

The global landscape is shifting, and we're right in the middle of it. The world is morphing, climates are changing, and technology is dramatically altering how people live, relate, and operate systems. In this age of instant communication, we join hands with all people, as we embark on an all-encompassing transformation that forces out the old and welcomes the new order of things. We recognize how this revolutionary century has come to challenge the traditional government and the system of representation politics, and see how these may be redefined. Citizens now have a direct voice, rendering politicians obsolete. Our mission: harness the power of technology for a transparent, people-centric governance.

Clamoring for an authentic Democracy

Philippine democracy has become a sham. It has become a tyranny by a cabal of the corrupt elite.


Voice of the South advocates movements that spur a shift from this self-destructive system, believing that our democracy should evolve, as the world also changes. True democracy belongs to the people, and the people now (a vast majority of the population) can already represent themselves, having their voices and sentiments heard in social media and being able to reach consensus using modern communications technology.

By consulting experts on the ground, conducting interviews with representatives of various sectors, and encouraging lobby groups to push for worthwhile causes, we aim to empower civil society into a genuine democracy that bars dynasties from cartelizing the government and holds corrupt regimes accountable for their crimes.

Co-Advocates of Real Change

Years of mismanagement have taken a toll, not just on Metro Manila but the entire nation. But it's not too late.

Voice of the South amplifies the call to rise against the old, and to foster the new, from the ground up. From grassroots level, we spur transformation through information sharing, charity initiatives, digital literacy campaigns, movements that support local culture, and opportunity-generating micro-enterprises. We envision to produce a growing wave of positive action that will shape a better future, one community at a time.

Your Voice, Your Power

Tell us your thoughts, submit your stories, show us your world through photos and videos, advertise your businesses, lobby your causes, report, teach, and share. Together we make a stand and embrace a brighter future.

As we collectively take charge of the drumbeat of change, we rewrite the story of the Southern provinces, hand-in-hand. Voice of the South is your voice too. It is our voice. It is our future.

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