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Ad Placement Order Form

What ad copy/ design do you wish to put on the ad space?

Sponsor Advertising Agreement


This is a confirmation that the person/company has agreed to become a sponsor of Voice of the South and, thus, advertise within the specifications of the purchased plan and placement on the website:


Sponsor is informed and consents to the following terms and conditions

  1. As posted on a public website, the advertisement (submitted or accepted) will also be published in various platforms of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.

  2. Ad material/ copy submitted by sponsors must be entirely original and must not infringe the copyright of any third-party. Advertisements that are deemed false, deceptive, or suggestive of promoting contraband and illegal activities may be rejected up front or pre-terminated/ unpublished before expiry of subscriber’s plan at no cost to Voice of the South. In such a case, Voice of the South waives any liability/ damages caused by any illicit advertisements as such. Use of any vulgar, offensive or disreputable means of advertising will also be disallowed.

  3. Voice of the South does not do revisions on the ad design accompanying the initial proposal for the plan, as it functions primarily as a placeholder. The subscriber can either accept the initial ad design proposal or provide their own design according to the size and specifications of the availed ad sponsorship plan.

  4. Subscriber shall be granted a one (1) year membership in Voice of the South without paying the membership fee. This means that even if the subscription plan, for example, only, covers one (1) month or (6) months, and thus expires, the subscriber would still be entitled to the benefits of a member, such as receiving email updates, and eligibility to post in Voice of the South Member Ads Facebook Group for 365 days from the date of sponsorship ad placement.

  5. Ad Placement Subscription shall commence immediately after payment of the plan, making it imperative that sponsors submit/ upload their advertising copy/ file to Voice of the South, either on the upload page or through email: in order to maximize the time and term of the ad placement.

  6. Sponsors may change their ad design once per month, provided their subscription status are still active, and Voice of the South is properly notified via email:  with email title: NEW AD DESIGN. The new design will not be published until proper confirmation is made also via email.

  7. The person approving or submitting the ad design must be duly authorized to do so on the company’s behalf.

  8. Funding from sponsors will be used by Voice of the South to maintain operations (pay editors, writers, photographers, info technicians, etc.) sustain subscriptions to associated news networks, and advance its social causes (feeding program, awareness-raising events, community development, etc.). Sponsors cannot bind Voice of the South to a marketing function, such as increasing sales, reaching quotas or a specific target market, or achieving a scope of promotions for an event. Rather, sponsors become members of the Voice of the South community, affiliates of the organization’s advocacy and imprint themselves as  stakeholders of the regions, industries and society that the publication envisions development.

  9. The terms of this Advertising Agreement shall be deemed binding on both parties (Subscriber and Voice of the South) based on their respective conduct notwithstanding any error or defect in the execution of the Agreement.

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