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2017 Trends

What’ll be “in” this year? We consulted our “crystal ball”, and saw this:


This year will give emphasis to the tall and elegant. Blue eyes, fair skin, brown and fine hair, good teeth and fancy finger nails are all going to be in the spotlight. Tip for men: Part your hair in the middle.


Genial and kind-natured minds will be more influential this year, along with a generally happy disposition and a fondness of show and approbation. The minds of the just, the persuasive, the artistic, the neat and orderly will prevail in terms of popularity, but also the imitative, and the amorous but fickle.


Kidneys, ovaries and the veins will be emphasized this year. Also, love handles, the loins in general. Some focus will be spent on the internal generative system.


The gentle, peaceful, graceful, warm, passive but fruitful will be the winning temperaments this year.


Businesses in the field of food will experience expansion in what is sweet and warm.


Curved lines and rhythmic scrolls will be the in-thing in design, architecture and engineering.


2017 is shaded lemon yellow, pale blue, or mixing these two to come up with Pantone’s “Color of the Year”: Greenery 15-0343. Though “art tints” in general will be predominant hues.


What will strike a chord most in 2017? “A”


It’s Copper this year.


Musicians, painters, singers, poets, actors, artists of all kinds, makers of toilet accessories, those who deal in scents, florists, makers and dealers of ornaments, silk mercers, embroiderers, makers of gloves and bonnets, dealers of women’s apparel, linen drapers, clothiers, dealers of fancy jewelry, pastry cooks, sweet-makers, confectioners, maid-servants, and butlers—will all get a boost this year.


Gay statesmen; Senators in love; Judges with mistresses; Councillors and their amours; Clerics and marriage; Homosexual priests; Hedonistic doctors; playboy lawyers; Ultra-successful bankers; wealthy collegians; cultured clothiers; merchants of sensuality—will be the year’s “talk of the town”.


Trending subjects will be about men becoming better husbands; huge mergers; grand weddings; rivals becoming friends; love for music and the drama, the fine arts and artistic pursuits; patrons of beauty and the good life; supporters of peaceful measures and projects; and developing a gentle disposition and a cultured intellect.

* This forecast is good up to October 10, 2017, until Jupiter transits from Libra to Scorpio.

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