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Southbound Travel & Adventure Fair 2017

Southbound Travel & Adventure Fair isn’t exactly a gigantic travel convention, but it serves its purpose, and has its own charm. The first one was held March 18-20 2016 in Solenad 3 Nuvali carried the motto “Live. Grow. Travel. Adventure”. This year, set in Plaza Regina at Paseo Outlet Mall, Greenfield City, the event bears a new message: “Go. Explore. Immerse.

Held March 31-April 2 2017, Southbound Travel & Adventure Fair 2017 endorses travel, mostly south of the Philippines, but generally everywhere. Presented by VOICE OF THE SOUTH and organized by SOUTH TRADE CARAVAN, Southbound is special in many ways. It is a singular event incorporating many shows at once, including—the promotion of travel destinations, new hotels and resorts, travel agencies and facilities as well as commercial “hot spots” and residential enclaves; the showcasing of the arts, music and culture of various regions; the advertising of summer fashion, the latests transports; and the celebration of the Philippines’ beauty, of its geography and its people. It was a convergence of all the facets that make up our journeys.

Dr. Rosauro “Bimbo” Santa Maria of the Laguna Tourism Culture Arts and Trade Office (LTCATO) kicked off the event with an Opening Message that announced the beauty of Laguna province and highlighted the many benefits we can enjoy from touring it.

Thoto Ferido, Mae Besoro and Alfritz Blanche collaborated as emcees for a fun-filled program which ran through a colorful course of 3 three days.

Guided by Teacher Vell, the children from Kidz Symphony performed several song numbers to demonstrate their musical skills, as products of both traditional and modern disciplines.

Models from NDN Entertainment emblazoned the stage with a fashion show of the trendiest summer wear, with a special number featuring Oakley apparel.

JPTR, the fast-rising, acoustic band from Malayan Colleges of Laguna, boldly went on to head the bill with breathtaking performances of their original compositions.

The Chili Papas rocked for 3 consecutive evenings with their renditions of Hotel California, Baby, Come Back, and other crowd favorites.

A 40-piece brass band from the Provincial Capitol of Laguna gave some impressive performances, both stationary and marching around the mall.

Tanduay set-up shop near the stage and offered instant Rum Berry and Rum Lemon Tea to loosen things up a bit.

Contestants faced off in an hourly Q&A game that rewarded winners with great prizes—ranging from Gift Checks for hotel/resort stays to gadgets, drinks, and food.

The entire Southbound Travel & Adventure Fair 2017 had FREE WI-FI, care of Smart Telecom.

“Joiner tour” agencies” Travel Tayo and GalaMore were literally a highlight, garnering a lot of inquiries from curious event attendees.

Toms Shoes was practically stormed by buyers raving for bargains.

Paseo Premier Hotel and Solen Residences stood out with the best designed booths.

There was, too, a fateful moment when the whole event stopped to listen to the powerful voice of Alfritz Blanche singing The Prayer. The young singer was suddenly the event’s standout.

As a travel promotion and facilitator at the same time, actual on-the-spot bookings were expected and, fortunately, realized. Also anticipated were indicative spikes in the sales of summer apparel as people get into the mode.

The combined effect of all the event’s elements working positively in a chorus is something exceptional. Plaza Regina became an arc of travel facilities and related products, crescendoing wonderfully onstage with the vibrant demonstrations of arts, music and crafts. It was upbeat, trendy, euphoric and deeply melodious. Even the weather cooperated perfectly, as the weekend provided three sunny yet delightfully breezy days.

Entertainment was obviously the key to the success of SOUTHBOUND 2017, and it so happens that the performers this year are all commendable. But overall, the fair did well in what it was supposed to impart and inspire.Travel and adventure certainly dominated the air.

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