• Eric Narriz

AZALEA BORACAY: Immersion tourism at its most stylish

A stylish and upscale hotel just along Boracay Island’s beach area, the newly opened AZALEA BORACAY already has throngs of tourists flocking to it daily. This sophisticated hotel is sleek inside and out, and obviously impressing packs and packs of guests from all over the world.

It’s gotten popular in no time. The place is observably dynamic with life, constantly rolling with the collective motions of diverse impulses, and yet somehow all come to settle in the eminence of its structure...which many regard as home, at least for a time.

The grand facade is bordered by chicly designed plant pools made of glass that are illuminated at night by softly morphing colors. The U-shaped layout of the building provides a wide, breezy open air space just outside the lobby, bringing the “beach and sunshine” vibe upfront, even when the actual beach is still meters off. This impression is even furthered by a group of mini palm trees that accent synthetic turf cleverly spaced along a finely irradiated foyer.

Inside the lobby, a gorgeous combination of pastel mid-tone accents contrasts neatly on white surfaces and glass divisions, creating a modern elegance that is warmly comforting. The balanced administration of abstract expressionist art in hallways and corner walls is likewise appreciable.

Azalea sits several meters from Boracay’s Station 2 beachfront, in the area of Henann Regency and Boracay’s famed wet market, D’ Talipapa. It’s actually in the midst of a lot of landmarks and favorite destinations, which makes it a perfect base for those into immersion tourism.

At nights, Azalea is well-lit area with a lot of tourist traffic, up to the wee hours, making the place quite safe and not prone to crime.

Azalea Hotels & Residences Boracay actually a Holiday Haven in all its sense. It’s Boracay’s first 4-star quality serviced apartment hotel, and evermore proving to take family vacationing, group escapades or romantic retreats to a whole new level…by making the hotel experience as fun and memorable as the beach experience.

Covering a total land area of 5,700 square meters, Azalea projects itself as a remarkable enclave of about 285 all-suite rooms , upon completion. Undoubtedly it comes as one that is impressively sizable among Service Residences. All rooms are equipped with a full kitchen, separate living and dining areas ranging from the smallest room of 30 square meters big with its largest coming in at 75 square meters.

Azalea’s suites are clean and considerably upsized, available in various formats of one-, two-, or three- bedrooms, that come with generously furnished kitchen and dining facilities.

The Deluxe Hotel Room is ideal for families or couples on a short Boracay break. The One Bedroom Suite is a suite of privacy and comfort and bestl for parents traveling with school age kids. This can fits up to 8. The Two Bedroom Suite is best for families traveling with grown-up kids who prefer a room to their own. And the Three Bedroom Suite is the most practical accommodation choice for large families traveling together.

Azalea Boracay offers not just one but two rooftop pools that are sure to impress the young and old alike, with its wide open patio and breathtaking view of the island from the high vantage point.

A surprising bonus about Azalea is that its anchor restaurant is Kuya J Restaurant, a Filipino favorite offering Pinoy comfort foods in its signature homey kind of style that translates to a warm enjoyment. It’s also great that reasonable packages and promos are regularly offered by Azalea, and posted on the website.

Azalea Boracay is unique in a way that it actually stands as a huge complex offering high lifestyle accommodations but at the same time facilitates good deals and payment schemes for long term stay. For those who like to immerse when they travel, Azalea is perfect. Here, you can immerse in style.