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Laguna PNP Launches iTV-Radio Program


Despite much controversy and negative image garnered by the Philippine National Police (PNP), due to some “scalawags” in its ranks, many of the men and women in uniform remain true to their mandate of protecting and serving the Filipino people.

To demonstrate the commitment of law enforcers to carry out their duties with integrity in their office, the Laguna Provincial Police Office (PPO) has initiated an iTV-Radio Program called “Laguna Pulis Nyo Po” last July 30, 2019.

the Laguna Provincial Police Office (PPO) has initiated an iTV-Radio Program called “Laguna Pulis Nyo Po”

Through this, the Laguna PNP aims to highlight the police’s reliability and dedication to their service. The show will especially touch on their accomplishments, plans, significant incidents and events in order to strengthen public relations and propagate transparency in their activities. The program runs four episodes per week, though it can be viewed on demand online via live stream.

Laguna Philippine National Police

“Laguna Pulis Nyo Po” is also a talk show, aside from its news reporting and public announcement aspects. Its first episode featured Deputy Provincial Director for Operations, Police Lt. Col. Pastor P. Castillo who brought more light into the PNP’s actions on the War on Drugs, as well as Laguna PNP’s current programs.

The multi-media radio program is looking to provide more information on the works of Laguna police and is poised to reach more audience. Topics are not only limited to the scopes of the Laguna police. It also integrates the broadcast initiatives of other police offices in the provincial and regional levels.

Information on episodes are posted in Laguna PNP’s Facebook Page titled ‘Laguna Police iTV-Radio.’

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