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Biñan City Launches New PUP Campus to Elevate Educational Access and Opportunity


In Biñan, Laguna, a notable advancement in educational access has been heralded with the establishment of a new campus by the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP). This strategic expansion, celebrated during the city's Araw ng Biñan festivities on February 2, reflects the local administration's deep-rooted commitment to enhance learning opportunities for its populace. Mayor Walfredo Dimaguila Jr., at the helm of this initiative, presided over the ceremony, marking a pivotal step towards enriching the city's educational fabric.

Positioned within the lively enclave of Barangay Canlalay, the campus occupies an expansive plot of 2,500 square meters, secured by the municipality for an impressive sum of PHP 150 million. This investment has facilitated the construction of a contemporary facility featuring a four-level edifice, housing 18 learning spaces and four advanced laboratories. Mayor Dimaguila Jr. accentuated the municipality's innovative leadership in making superior education readily available to every meritorious learner in Biñan, praising PUP's renown in delivering exceptional training, especially in the realms of information technology and engineering.

Anticipating the impending influx of over 1,000 scholars by March, the university aims to cater to individuals aspiring to excel in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. This endeavor stands as a testament to the city's ambition to create an environment that nurtures talent and imparts essential competencies required in these pivotal areas.

Moreover, to alleviate the financial burdens of commuting for the university community, the local government has rolled out the 'Isko-mobile', a novel transport solution offering free rides between the campus and various key points in the city. This initiative addresses the dual challenges of costly fares and the potential for fare exploitation, ensuring a seamless and economical commute for students, educators, and staff.

Mayor Dimaguila Jr. regards this transportation solution as a logical yet significant contribution towards the city's comprehensive educational strategy, reflecting a judicious approach to resolving the practical difficulties confronting students.

Further underpining the city's commitment to education, the 'Iskolar ng Biñan' initiative stands as a cornerstone, providing full scholarships to students of merit. This program fully funds the academic journey of its beneficiaries, covering tuition, ancillary fees, and disbursing a semester stipend of PHP 10,000 for enrollees in public higher education institutions. This scheme underscores the city's determination to invest in the potential of its youth, ensuring that financial limitations do not obstruct their educational ambitions.

Mayor Dimaguila Jr. imparts a motivating directive to Biñan's students, encouraging them to capitalize on these offered opportunities and to devote themselves earnestly to their studies. The overarching aim is to nurture individuals who are not only academically accomplished but are also adaptable and prepared to make significant societal contributions.

The inauguration of PUP's second campus in Biñan, coupled with the city's robust suite of supportive measures, signifies a crucial development in the local educational landscape. It reflects Biñan's forward-thinking approach to education, acknowledging its essential role in promoting personal development and societal progress. As this new era begins, Biñan is set to foster a generation of scholars equipped with the knowledge and skills to navigate the challenges ahead successfully.


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