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Labor Unrest: Nestlé Terminates 125 Employees and Suspends Operations at Laguna Factory

Nestlé Philippines took the decision to temporarily close its factory in Canlubang, Laguna on Thursday (May 18) and terminated the employment of 125 workers who were affiliated with a labor union. The Canlubang plant produces powdered milk product brands Promil and Bonakid.

Independent news outlets AlterMidya and MayDay Multimedia have reported that the multinational company discharged not only rank-and-file factory workers but also 14 supervisors, a manager, and labor union officials stationed at the site. According to AlterMidya, the management has not provided any specific reasons for the dismissals of the workers.

Labor issues are not new to Nestlé Philippines. In recent years, it has been grappling with labor challenges that have caused disruptions and tensions within the company. Early this year, members of the Wyeth Philippines Progressive Workers' Union voiced their support for freedom of association and the right to organize during the International Labor Organization High-Level Tripartite Mission held in the country. This demonstrates a wider context of labor-related concerns within the industry and the region.

For its part, Nestlé Philippines, as a multinational corporation, is under scrutiny for its handling of labor relations in the Canlubang factory. The company's decisions and actions have raised questions about its commitment to fair treatment of workers and adherence to labor laws and regulations.

The ongoing labor challenges at the Canlubang factory emphasize the importance of fostering a constructive and inclusive dialogue between management and labor representatives. It is crucial for all stakeholders involved, including Nestlé Philippines, labor unions, and government authorities, to engage in open discussions and seek mutually beneficial resolutions.

As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how Nestlé Philippines and the relevant parties will address these labor issues and work towards a more harmonious and equitable working environment.


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