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Living High in Azalea Boracay

If you're planning a Boracay staycation, you might like to consider Azalea Hotels & Residences Boracay. It is the island's first 4-star quality serviced apartment-hotel, and it offers a stay that is clean, stylish and practical.

Since it first opened in 2015, Azalea has been driving throngs of visitors to its doorstep. And it's not surprising. The distinct architecture and chic design, naturally, piques the curiosity. But it is the hotel's proximity to the beach and other key places like eateries, convenience stores and public transport hubs that gives it a real edge, and convinces many to stay.

Azalea is just a couple of minutes' walk to Boracay’s Station 2 beachfront, in the area of Henann Regency Resort, not far from Boracay’s famed wet market, D’ Talipapa. It’s actually near several popular landmarks, making it a sensible base, whether you're a vacationer or are in for the long haul.

Fine Impressions

The hotel's facade impresses without imposing. A globular monument resembling Azalea logo's supplies an ample pronunciation at the fore of a spacious quad.

The U-shaped layout of the building provides a wide, breezy courtyard space in the middle, bringing the “beach and sunshine” vibe upfront even if the actual beach is still meters off. This rendition is reinforced by a group of mini palm trees that adorn a synthetic turf cleverly spaced along a finely irradiated foyer.

The lobby seems perpetually refreshed. A combination of pastel mid-tones contrasts neatly over a background of white and walnut.

Snazzy jardinières array a balanced foliage along the lobby's perimeter which is neatly bordered by glass that holds running water.

Well-curated abstract/impressionist art decorate the hallways to create a modern elegance that warmly welcomes while it sneakily fascinates. Azalea is fancy that way.

Azalea blends an enclave feel into contemporary culture, with 285 fashionable all-suite rooms in a 5,700 square meter land area. The motif is focused on lightening and brightening the hotel's interiors to conjure up a sense of space and newness in understated luxury.

Upsized Rooms

Azalea’s suites are clean and considerably upsized, available in various formats of one-, two-, or three- bedrooms. From the smallest, which is about 30 square meters to the larger ones that are up to 75 square meters, the suites come equipped with a full kitchen, each with separate living and dining areas.

The Deluxe Hotel Room is ideal for families or couples on a short Boracay break. The One Bedroom Suite offers some privacy and comfort, and is perfect for parents traveling with school age kids. The Two Bedroom Suite is best suited for families traveling with grown-up kids who prefer a room of their own. And the Three Bedroom Suite is the most practical accommodation choice for large families traveling together.


The hotel outlet resto is none other than the Pinoy favorite "Kuya J" (known for its Lechon Kawali, Chicken BBQ, Pochero Bulalo, Pares and the Rainbow Halo-Halo), serving the hotel's in-house breakfast buffet. It's no surprise that, because of it, many international guests have come to appreciate Filipino cuisine during their stay.

Azalea offers not just one but two rooftop pools that are sure to impress young and old alike. An expansive sundeck provides a lot space to play and lounge about, amidst a panoramic view of the sky, the sea and the island.

It is a common thing to have some nights when Azalea still remains bustling with tourists, sometimes up to the wee hours. Guests come and go from nearby bars and restaurants. Some just hang around and chatter outside the lobby, enjoying the smoothly transitioning mood lights at the quadrangle. Some are texting. Some are smoking cigarettes.

Day or night, however, the place is observably dynamic with life, constantly rolling with movement—yet somehow settling with homey warmth. And that's how many have come to regard it: home.

Azalea is not just a home away from home for vacationing guests, but also an actual home, as apartments with special rates for long stays. As serviced residences, the property is among the sizable ones in the area, while remaining true to its concept of providing a respite between immersive island options and modern amenities. And through the contemporary lens of today’s travelers, it easily comes up as perfect.


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