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Quality Healthcare should be Affordable and Accessible

Quality Healthcare should be Affordable and Accessible.

At present, quality healthcare is a luxury in the Philippines. While this may sound like a sweeping statement, numbers back it up. Six out of 10 Filipinos succumb to illnesses without ever seeing a doctor. Infant mortality rates are also high with 42 out of 1000 babies dying compared to 19 out of 1000 in more developed countries (University of the Philippines National Health Institute, 2015). The fact is, healthcare is just too expensive for the common Filipino. Many are too concerned about making day-to-day ends meet, that healthcare gets shoved to the bottom of the priority list.


Nobody plans to get sick or to get rushed to the hospital but it can happen to anyone – it can happen to you or any of your loved ones. The big question is not an if but a when, because at some point, every person needs to see a doctor may it be for a routine check up or for treatment of an illness.

When sicknesses arise, are you ready? Can you afford it? Do you know where to go?

The fact is, quality healthcare does not have to be expensive and exclusive to those who can afford it. iConnex HealthCare Solutions is the Pioneer in Discounted Medical Services with Nationwide Coverage offering affordable first class healthcare to Filipino families.

This membership card can be extended not just to mommy, daddy and the kids but even those who have become part of the family through their loyal and devoted service – our “yayas”, and other household help who have made our life simpler through the years.

The benefits of being a member include special rates on doctor’s fees for consultations, procedures and operations; lower charges for diagnostics and laboratory exams; skin care and aesthetic services.

Four things set it apart from other health cards: 1) For a one time fee of only P600, members enjoy 1 year unlimited use. Membership may be renewed every year. 2) There are no age limits. No one is too young or too old to avail of the card benefits. 3) Pregnancy and other pre-existing conditions are covered. 4) There are no monthly fees. Just like any prepaid card, pay iConnex HealthCare Solutions when needed and SAVE the rest of your income.

Through the partner providers of iConnex HealthCare Solutions, members can have affordable access to the services of 10,000++ affiliated doctors, fellows and diplomats in 279 accredited hospitals nationwide; 7 of them are among the biggest in the country. Closer to home, there are 14 accredited hospitals in the Laguna area.

Each member, both principal and dependent, will have an individual membership certificate and membership card that will serve as his or her ID. To help with the availment and payment processes, iSupport Officers will happily assist cardholders with just one call.

Having accessible and affordable quality healthcare is EASY!

Call iConnex HealthCare Solutions Hotlines: LANDLINE (02) 5791626 / GLOBE - 0997-0825448 up to 50 /

SMART- 0919-3657824 up to 26. For more information: / iConnex HealthCare Solutions Live Well. Pay Less

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