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Shameful Narcissism

Early March 2016 up to early November 2018, from a general optimism, the leadership covers up because of the religious that hold the treasury.

Supporters become too encouraging, but the ambition is forced to heed the perils. The drive to attain the target enables all endeavors, while right minds ensure that things will turn out as they wish.

A danger of overreach and biting more than one can chew. Expecting too much will cause one to be out on a limb.

The head grows more arrogant and overbearing, self-righteous and insolent, seeing personal aims and goals as more important than the people. The plea to compromise and understand gains ground, but if the blind and deaf rule, others will strike.

Some will not stand to be dominated by callousness, but only by the rationale to cooperate will things get better.

Bad decisions are related to some religious ideas, though these are covered in gray areas of the soul. There’s a problem with the sense of proportion, and forceful assertions of false opinions.

Defending that it is only normal to talk about concerns, others’ freedom to make choices, whether to listen or not, becomes a must. He should not let his obsession blind him.

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