• Jo Chanco

Value meals of the quintessentially pinoy


Looking for good, value-for-money eats? Well, Bacolod Chk-N-BBQ House, The Home of the Original Inasal, is highly recommendable. It's got a good combination of great-tasting food, fast service and affordable prices.

Bacolod Chk-N-BBQ House offers 7 value meals that range from Php 135* up to Php 209. Options include select cuts of chicken or pork bbq "original inasal" style. Plus, a couple of sizzling plate favorites like sisig and the sizzling bangus.

Pork Liempo (Value Meal 5)

Pecho (Value Meal 2)

Bacolod Chk-N-BBQ House's value meals comes with garlic rice, achara and choice of regular iced tea or lemonade for drink.

For many who, after a hectic day, find themselves standing in front of an open refrigerator five minutes before lunchtime or dinnertime, wondering what to cook, Bacolod Chk-N-BBQ House can actually be a heaven-sent solution. Located at Crosstown Mall by the Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road, not very far from the Coca Cola plant or the Eternal Gardens memorial park, Bacolod Chn-N-BBQ House is comfort food that’s truly packaged in convenience.

For delivery services, you may inquire at: (049)8100684/ (0917)5835072.

Mesa Filipino Moderne

Mesa Filipino Moderne presents a successful combination of the classic and chic, not to mention, delicious. When in Solenad 3, Nuvali, Santa Rosa, Laguna, try these three:

Manga Salad, Boneless Crispy Pata (P505)at the Inihaw Sampler(P725).

See if you also get this strange, ironic feeling: satisfied, yet craving for more.

Concha's Garden Cafe, Cliffhouse Tagaytay

Having a very minimal breakfast (ensaymada and brewed coffee) at Concha's Garden Cafe, Cliffhouse Tagaytay, can be such a treat, especially in a cold morning. It brings up a gentle reminder that the simplest of pleasures are sometimes the best.