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Your March 2017 Horoscope


The past couple of months spelled a time of change for you, as two eclipses came by, including a lunar eclipse on February 10 and solar new moon eclipse February 26. Although these were so-called “friendly” eclipses, they still demand adjustments, as eclipses always signify change.

You still have Mars, your ruler, at your side as you begin the month, until March 9. If you’re intending to start something meaningful, it’s best to do it during the month’s first eight days. This timing applies to initiating an important relationship also, whether personal or professional.

You tend to be attractive and persuasive, making others want to emulate you or support you and your cause.

Mars is also going on a close up with Venus in Aries, an uncommon event, causing your sex appeal to reach new heights. If you’re single, become more active in social circles, though keeping engagements light. It’s not the time to get into a heavy relationship just yet.

Don’t make any huge changes in your looks yet. Maintain and groom, but no dramatic make-overs.

While Venus is in retrograde, you might find yourself falling again for an old flame. But perhaps it’s best for you to think this through more carefully as you shouldn’t take any major romantic steps at this time.

It’s best to delay any big engagements until the end of May. Meanwhile, be an inspiration to admirers, staying confident, mingling it up, and taking your time enjoying.

The full moon in Virgo on March 12 will give emphasis to your physique and allow you attain optimum level physical condition. It could also herald good news about a medical test. But if ever you were prescribed some kind of new medicine, see to it that you research well about possible side effects because Neptune’s position at the full moon may fog results. If a test result seems somewhat “sketchy”, ask for a re-test.

You’ll probably find yourself in a race with a deadline at work, and then accomplishing your goal before or by March 16, even if this project has lots of detail. Make sure you take the time to double check for mistakes or inaccuracies.

You might be feeling unusually far-sighted, so make sure to apply this gift when deducing solutions to matters.Your intuition is your guide during this time, especially when dealing with puzzling situations. Your not the psychic type, but this month you have that special intuitive sense. It might be good to write down your dreams as soon as you wake up.

March 27 is a special day for you.You’ll seem to have control over situations and relationships, with things going mostly your way. With this month bearing a great possibility of becoming your landmark month of the year, be sure to take advantage of all opportunities that come your way during this time.

Gifts and luck are seen in your marriage department. Chances are, you’ll be making a promise to the one you love, like a wedding engagement. And if already married, you might be drawing up together a new goal, a common one as partners.

Also, from March 9 through April 21, you’ll have this knack of being able to impress VIPs with your performance or your ideas. This could be a great time to ask for a raise, or a promotion.


For Taurus, March begins with friends in mind. Perhaps joining a club, or organizing a fund-raiser prevails in your agenda. If ever you’re working on some public relations stint or even just planning a party for your class or office, your creative ideas will ooze out this time, surprising you and those around you. Especially accented is your sense of style, fashion and beauty.

It’ll do you good to contribute design ideas, as this might open some new opportunities for you, or more accurately, a new direction. Humanitarian projects or social responsibility-themed events are the fields that invite you now. You are also probably in the midst of planning with a friend about a significant enterprise or endeavor you two are about to undertake together. You might notice too that you are more social nowadays.

If you are an author or an artist and have a community of followers, you will see them gain in importance to you right now. Mark March 4 as a day of importance.

Meanwhile, don’t take any daring moves on your appearance nor on any project of yours that is related to beauty and design, whether it’s designing a logo, or the look of a website. If you work in an industry that caters to women, such as the ladies’ perfumes, dresses or cosmetics, take a bit of a passive pace first, while Venus is still in retrograde. It’s probably best if you don’t pay any attention first to any romance for the time being. Instead, spend more time meditating on what are your ideals in your love life.

Don’t allow friends or family to dictate to you who you should date or what you should do about your social life. If you’re not ready to go out on a date, or don’t feel like it, it’s alright. If you think you’re ready to party, however, then do so but go with caution. It’s also a good time to adjust the pace of a close relationship according to what is convenient for you. Romance or a special relationship will be the highlight on March 12. You may experience a very tender romantic episode, within four days from this date.

There’s a big chance you’ll travel to some far off place mid-month. A higher vibe will let you easily sacrifice for the benefit of a loved one.

From March 9 up to April 21, you’ll gain a very productive wind that can provide you with great success in the new ventures you will enter into in the third week of May. A stronger determination might become evident about you, together with more drive and passion. March will be one of your best months this year, so keep a positive outlook and a diligent initiative.

At the new moon on March 27, you will want to relax a bit, or perhaps work in private. You will be able to get an enormous amount of work done this way and be exceptionally artistic as a creator or an author. You’re in the zone where one special idea might suddenly explode into a eureka moment and puts you in a whole new journey in your life.

It’s the right time to consult experts on physical therapy or sports, or about a habit you’re wanting to kick, or a trouble spot on your physique.

From March 9 until April 21, Venus and Mars will be in a mutual reception, a rare occasion. This will affect you by considerably increasing your charm and making your personality stand out more than usual.


March starts with huge changes happening in your profession.These seem to be positive changes, so don’t hesitate too much.

You actually have more control over any career changes happening now than you think. Your creative thinking seems to be on a high. It’ll be good to speak out your ideas as they come.

You’re becoming somewhat of a familiar face, with images of you on TV, on printed materials, or on popular web pages.

Friends are the key to exciting social events this month, so keep in the loop.

Also, early in the month, you may receive some lump some cash (not parsed out like a wage, but more like a bonus, a commission, an insurance payout, or a court settlement. This money is from outside your regular source of income, and most likely has something to do with savings and proper money management, and perhaps coupled with some new innovation.

Too many things, actually, will be going on in your life this March. The full moon will be emphasizing your family, home, or your real estate properties. You might need to step up and take on the responsibility of taking care of a family member. There’s a tendency for you to accrue expenses in your living space. It’s a good thing you have more than enough cash to cover any unforseen expenses.

Venus will retrograde on March 4 until April 15, so don’t even think of trying any experimental dermatological treatment or plastic surgery, or to change your hair color from brunette to platinum blonde. Also, hold off any love engagements until days before your birthday.

After almost two months of focusing on your career, you now have the opportunity to let loose, have fun, get social.The new moon of March 27 will bring new acquaintances to your circle. Parties may line up. March will be largely about friends, fun, and new contacts for you.

You may get a chance to play on the giving side of charity. Work with others for a cause, and see the value of groups and organizations.

By late March, you must give yourself some well-deserved rest and relaxation, after a stressful (but productive) run at work. Let go. Hibernate for a while.


You’ve been wanting to travel for the last couple of months. Now, it seems you will. Whether for work or pleasure, you are likely to jet to a location far from home this month. And if you don’t travel, you might find yourself working on some international deal or maybe a project that involves publishing or broadcasting.

You probably need to address an immigration matter, whether for visa, green card, passport, or citizenship. If so, this month offers plenty of support in those areas, from booking appointments to the moods of the people you need to meet, it would be more smooth than before, as you’ll notice.

The past several years, you’ve seen a number of surprises in your career, but perhaps never before have sudden developments been as beneficial as the ones you’ll see around your profession this month. Events at the end of February and the beginning of March will actually work to your favor. This is, in fact, one of your best periods in the last couple of years to achieve significant career progress.

On the full moon (March 12), travel will again be in your mind, though maybe this time it’ll be likely a trip that’s not very far from home, and kind of business related, or purposeful. A partner will be indispensable to you right now.

After the new moon (March 27), you’ll be up for some pleasant announcements about your work or career status. The work you will be engaging in will be entrepreneurial and could very well open up a new door for you to somewhere you’ve never been before.

Despite this, you’ll still be under considerable pressure, perhaps because of a partner or collaborator who is being difficult, or maybe some opposition from jealous officemates.

If you are about to buy or sell real estate, exercise prudence, or maybe delay any decision on these while Venus is in retrograde. Make your deal after May 18.

You probably long to have some time for fun, as you haven’t enjoyed the jovial scenes for a while, the company of friends and fun occasions, for about two years. Well, good news. You’ll have some of that this month.

On March 27, Mars and Neptune will align, and bring exciting opportunities for you to travel. It’s time to visit a friend who lives far off, or travel with one to a memorable adventure.


Financial management. This is this March may bring you. You may have recently received lump sum cash, perhaps as a bonus, a commission, a gift, a prize, an inheritance, or a sale. Perhaps somebody invested on your idea and gave you venture capital. Wherever that windfall came from, that money will allow you now to follow a long-held dream. By the full moon on March 12, you may be done already with your financial calculations, and still find yourself enjoying some kind of luck.

You’ll find it quite easy to acquire government and institutional grants or other sources of funding. March 9 to April 21 will be a good time to impress a VIP and make a proposition that is to your advantage.

A retrograding Venus, however, from March 4 to April 15, will make you feel unworthy of a promotion that’s offered you, or maybe the timing is off, or something won’t feel right. But if you have a stalled deal somewhere that got shelved, this time would be good to resume talks.

Don’t commit to anything new just yet. Just explore possibilities and weigh your options. Put off the final decision until May 18.

March 17 will tend to be a tough day. Don’t gamble so much on love, and moderate your physical energy. In case you come across criticisms by an authority about your work and performance, take it as a suggestion on how to better your job and don’t let your confidence suffer.

You should have fun traveling, as this is also indicated for you this March, even if it seems to be business-related. The new moon on March 27 will bring about such travel opportunities, and maybe some communication with people abroad, or the media. There’s a decent chance you’ll find romance while on your trip.

If you so happen to be writing or producing a story, you can make some headway now in terms of promotion or public relations.


Collaborate. You might get this feeling your getting picked on by others, or that your rivals are becoming more ruthless. Chances are, it’s not just a feeling. Keep alert, be a team player and try to carry out the ideas of the group, instead of pushing your own convictions. Why? Because the odds are kind of stacked against you during this time, especially against you acting alone. You could be right all along with your suggestions to a group, but for now, just let others get the glory.

You may get engaged or even get married. If you are already in a commitment, perhaps you could look for ways to spice up your partnership, so that it becomes even deeper and more special. If not in any romantic relationship, then maybe you may instead concretize a business partnership.

You may be about to go into a union based on shallow impressions and false assumptions. Make that effort to get to know your partner well before committing.

Accounting, financial advise and maybe a bit of investing may take up your attention during the first week. You might be rethinking your investments together with your financial consultant. You’ll take the spotlight during the full moon on March 12. Also, during this time, a project, an endeavor that’s valuable to you will reach its culmination and finally be completed. You’ll basically own the night.

The new moon in Aries on March 27 will be a perfect time to discuss an entrepreneurial idea. The capital you needed for a venture may just be lying idle somewhere, maybe in some asset you forgot about, or maybe in a friend’s savings account,.

More money could come your way if you do your research well and prepare a business strategy. you’re currently proposing a creative project, you’ll probably get the green light now.

Some developments might take you by surprise. There’s a bit of travel activities on your horizon, though these might come with some problems. There’s a big chance that the purpose of your trip, whether for pleasure or business, will not be achieved.

Don’t do any major changes on your appearance, at least not before May 18.


Your month will start with a packed itinerary, mostly dealing with a new assignment, freelance work, or a new business. Your list of things to do seems to be growing ever more, with stuff you have to do at home and at work. An increase in your diligence allows your goals to progress, and also puts luck or advantage at your side.

New personnel, maybe a new maid, a new assistant or co-worker comes out as something long in order.

It’s a good time to pursue creative projects.

You might have a sudden change of affection about a romantic partner, or end up postponing plans you made together due to conditions that arise during this time.

Money management will also be up for some reconsideration.

Meditate. Seek counsel. Take things nice and slow.

Don’t be tempted to throw a lavish party or a fund-raiser. Wait, if you can.

Don’t get into radical look changing right now.

Refrain from risky deals and dramatic changes, at least until May 18.

It is a time for introspection and assessment, not for going gung-ho.

Mars will move into Taurus on March 9 until April 21. During this time, do not splurge your money. Don’t spend more than usual. In case you’ve planned to make certain payments, like for a deposit on a new car, a time-share for a vacation home, or a family trip abroad, see how you can restructure the payments more conservatively.

If you are trying to divide assets at the end of a marriage of a business, it might turn ugly as Mars is in this area of your life right now. It might be better to wait for the new moon on April 26 for stuff like this.

On March 12, the full moon, work in private, with little or no distraction, so as to get more things done. You’re probably tasked to do some important work, and are bearing a huge responsibility on your shoulders.

In the days that follow the new moon of March 27, you’ll find a more cordial air between you and the lover or the boss have been in contention with for the past couple of months. But it’s still going to be a rocky relationship. If, on the other hand, you are about to be engaged or get married, you will find things quite smooth all the way to your ‘happy ever after’.

Go by the rules, be it in love or business. But don’t forget to listen to your heart once in a while.

There’d be times this month that you’ll feel somewhat out of control, or out-voted by others. Use your intuition, and let it guide you to move more carefully and thoughtfully.

Stop, look and listen.


It seems this month will turn out to be an exciting one for you in terms of romance. Just remember to be realistic, and not be swept in a fairy tale.

Circulate around the social scenes. You may just find your one true love any time soon. But no matter what your marital status, love this month will be synonymous to fun, as far as you’re concerned.

If you’ve been dating someone steadily, you might consider getting engaged sometime soon. Delay it until the end of May.

You’ll tend to take things in stride, too, whether you’re having a new baby or finding a way to care for children you already have now.

A bright social pace towards the full moon on March 12, with some real fun days with friends. You’ll tend to be surrounded by a lot of happy people, and in several events this month. A beach outing with family and friends, a party, a wedding, a charity event, a trade show, or just a casual drinking spree with your closest friends are all looming possibilities in the days to come.

Money might be a slight concern as you attend these events. But don’t you worry. Creative projects will blossom for you this month, so will your reputation and career.

Keep up the good work you’ve been pouring on that project on your desk, and you will be renowned in your industry. You have a great chance to reinvent or recreate your professional life now. If you value that, then go for it.

Athletic competitions seem appealing to you now. You could be thinking of enrolling on a physical training course of some sort.

You will be driven to succeed, with a determination that on its own is already a force to reckon with. Although, this month the more loveable side of you comes through, and thus explain why you have so much going for you right now.


March starts with your mind focused on your domestic conditions. Home improvement, perhaps, is on the top of your list of things to accomplish.Real estate is another subject that’s nabbing your interest every now and then this month. Water, however, is a problematic thing in connection to your home this time. If you’re up to decorating, an artistic influence will allow you to create a dreamy environment that’s comfy, cozy and yet mystically magnetic.

The full moon on March 12 will beset you to give attention to your career situation. You’re quite capable of getting on top of things, but only need to pay attention to details, especially on industry policies. Whatever may happen within four days of the full moon can be turned positive for you if you’re able to see how you could earn a windfall from it.

If self-employed, you’re likely to finish a key project that could give you acclaim and, of course, profits. If you are employed, you might find yourself requesting for a raise or a promotion.Whatever your employment though, one thing is for sure: you’ll be working your butt off most of the month and into the next. But what you achieve from your labors will reap you more preferred clients or assignments. It might be a good idea to hire some help for the heavy work load that you face, whether at home or in the office.

It’s a good thing that despite all the work though, fun, laughter and love are not so distant from your sphere. Credit that to the new moon on March 27 which will actually make you see some excitement, just when you’ve totally assumed that it would be unlikely so.

If you are single, go and touch base with your immediate social circles, preferably after March 27, and continue to do so for a couple of weeks. If you meet someone, and it develops into a relationship, it might be for keeps. Try your work place, or the gym, as places where you could possibly meet your mate, not so much at champagne gatherings, because the one you’d probably hook up with will be a leader type, perhaps self-employed, an entrepreneur, or a successful athlete.

On the other hand, if you’ve been dating, and are on a serious relationship, chances are, you or your partner have undergone quite a stress storm the past several weeks. Let this time be a switch for both of you to consciously attain lightheartedness back, as well as flirtatious romance, in your relationship. Go on a honeymoon vacay together, if possible. Near or far won’t matter as much as the togetherness you rekindle while both away from your career routines. The same tip goes if you are married.

If you’re getting a bit of the home improvement bug in you this month, get on removing clutter and streamlining your stuff while improving the look of your home.

A mood might takeover after the new moon that’ll give you that itch to travel. If ever you decide to , a good outdoor sports together with your partner, like hiking, mountain climbing, spelunking, etc., will make you feel you’ve accomplished even more while on vacation.


Contracts are the highlight for you at the beginning of March. While considering all angles of negotiations, you must take note that it is not a very good time to be signing contracts now. If you sign now, you may be agreeing to terms that are vague or on conditions that are not thoroughly threshed out. If you have no choice but to sign, perhaps due to an imposed deadline, practice prudence by consulting a lawyer who would have a full understanding of the terms and the clauses within the contract, before you commit.

Some inspirations are headed your way about creating enchanting pieces. You’ll be inclined to make your creation cinematic, highly artistic, but then soft in its descriptions.

If you want to travel, early to mid-March would be the best window. Somewhere near a body of water would be perfect. The journey you take may likely change your outlook of life, or inspire you in a way no other trip has done for you before. You also could be returning from abroad or from somewhere far from home around March 12. Just keep healthy and aware, as the full moon may present a hurdle for you this time, though you will be very well capable of overcoming it.

You may hear positive news about a legal matter, or get the results you were hoping for in a publishing or broadcasting endeavor, or some perhaps an honorary merit in a scholarly pursuit.

Be patient when it comes to your career. Venus retrogrades in this area of your life from March 4 to April 15, slowing any developments. Avoid job interviews first during this time. You’ll actually find better aspects during the final quarter of 2017 for career-related matters.

Don’t schedule any big changes in your looks yet this month—no plastic surgery or extensive dermatological treatments, no dramatic hair-style change, no makeovers of any sort.

If you’re getting the itch to improve your home, do it on the new moon on March 27. The past few years have given emphasis on your home and family too much, highlighting even the instability that you experienced in this area. It’s understandable that you are already tired of changes at home, but the changes you’ll see this month will be the ones you want. For instance, if you want to move, you will probably find the place you like (but you may need to wait until the present occupants move out). In addition, some repairs and redecoration might be in order, thus presenting a bit of hardship on your part. Be sure to watch construction workers or the contractor, if ever. Practice prudence.

Romance will be in the air, with Mars entering your fifth house, from March 9 to April 21, getting you in a love mood. And by the new moon on April 26, this love feeling should be in full throttle.


You’ll be in the thick of money management as March begins. And perfectly so, because it’s the best time for you to ask for a raise, having earned some leverage last February 26. When talking to someone about money, be sure of his or her transparency on the matter, and that things are clear and in black & white. Don’t hesitate to inquire if things are not clear.

Your creative expression gets into the spotlight this month. Perhaps you have a great idea in mind, a story, or a poem. If into acting, you might get that role, you’d been wishing for. If an artist, a patron might end up buying a particular series or collection, or you might be commissioned to create a work that’ll be part of something significant. You might be called to design a theater set, or compose music for a play.

Your preoccupation with financial matters will culminate at the full moon on March 12, maybe by getting on a sit-down with your accountant to plan some good tax maneuvers. Remember to be realistic about your financial status mid-month. Perhaps you’ll have some false presumptions about receiving a large sum of money, or may have overlooked your credit limit, so you might have to postpone a purchase for the meantime.

If you’re looking to travel, make it one that’s got a tint of adventure— camping, fishing, hiking, etc. Romance will go well with this trip, too.

You might be scheduled to sign a contract for a financial deal this month. If ever, your chances of performing well in the deal are not so good. Wait until the third week of May for better results. The same applies if ever you’re intending some home renovations, or purchasing real estate.

A sibling or cousin will be especially helpful to you around this time.


Something profound will touch your soul this month. You’ll probably be involved in a great creative project.

You’ll see a clear opportunity arise, and feel like your entire life is transforming. You’ll feel yourself shifting in lifestyle.

During the full moon, March 12, your focus will be on your partner. You may have to make a decision about him or her.

From March 12 through May 20, travel should be a delight, particularly to a place you have a lot of memories of.

A retrograding Venus might slow down some deals and profits. Try your best to delay any signing of contracts until the end of May, or at the earliest, end of April. Also, don’t take on any new venture now, especially one that’ll involve your spouse. Put off engagements, parties or big appearance changes during this time, too.

The new moon on March 27 would be a good time to see a salary increase. There’s also a big chance a friend of yours will refer you to a big shot that manifest later on as a lucrative deal, or a significant funding for a project. But then Saturn going to a hard aspect may cause work offers to bear considerable difficulty, testing your skill level. You could end up feeling you’re not compensated enough though. As you persevere with the difficult work, however, you’ll learn a lot and be able to make a mark professionally.

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