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Cibo: Satisfaction Italian-style

Once you try the food in CIBO in Alabang Town Center, you’ll have this realization that it is not merely a restaurant frequented by tourists and by those who seek to follow trends.

An attempt to sample the Spaghettini al tris di formaggio, Penne al telefono, Spaghettini AL 34, or the Margherita Oval Pizza, would likely end as a mounting rave…for more.

And, as you devour these, you’ll probably start agreeing with the notion that Cibo is by no means a passing trend, but actually a result of a culinary quest for perfection, a quest that’s gone on for about 12 years.

“Cibo”, which means “food” in Italian, has, through meticulous practice, carved out its destiny—as a mecca of gastronomic pilgrimage. The restaurant is a pioneer in the country’s casual-dining industry that offers homestyle traditional Italian cuisine, crowned with a dash of modern culinary ingenuity.

It is truly a must-try.

* Published in print version (Voice of the South, Volume 13, No. 7)

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