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Antillan: Going for the Window of Opportunity

Antillian's showroom at Solenad 3, Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Ms. Rebecca Leng-ay pursued eleven years of enterprise in craft and service. She owns Antillan Window and Home Furnishings, a newly opened shop at Solenad 3, Nuvali, Sta Rosa City in Laguna that specializes in curtains, shades, blinds, window accessories and an assortment of home furnishings, such as lighting fixtures and artistic accents. It is, however, in the integration of all these items, as design elements, that makes her invaluable and quite in-demand to a range of clientele—from corporate, to hospitality, and the residential spheres. From her workshop at Veterans Village, North EDSA, Quezon City, she creates her signature art for customers everywhere.

Within close proximity to the showroom is the workshop (in one of the exclusive villages in Santa Rosa), where guests are accepted by appointment only.

Antillan connotes ancestral home by its innate characteristics that is both elegantly rustic and traditionally Castillian at the same time. In fact, upon entry, the cozy shop with its serene display, greets clients with what seems to be a signature piece, a rectangular stretch of antique-like lacework lattice made from one piece of wood in dark finish. It is pegged at eye level on the wall and repeated in reduced dimension on the skirt of the front desk. However, Antillan’s products are all tempered with modern functionality and comfort through the use of ergonomic designs. It is too comfortable to sit on one of their sleek chairs that it literally feels like sitting on the cloud. Check for yourself.

Moroccan Inspired at Ayala Westgove Heights. When interior finishings are intricate and theme heavy, window treatment such as those of Roman Shades play a secondary role. The ceiling detail in this Moroccan-inspired living area calls for a muted tone-sheer Roman Shade.

Razel Ann Pabalan, Antillan resident Interior Designer, who “ minds “ the shop, was schooled at the Philippine Institute of Interior Design. A client could just approach her and intimate the desired look of a home interior. From there, she could derive a 3 dimensional model of the project to be executed. Service is free if one buys from the shop. She goes to your place to measure.

The country's largest ballroom for meetings, conventions, exhibitions. It offers 28 versatile meeting rooms, VIP sky rooms covering 10K sq. meters of function space. Antillan took on the challenge of dressing its multi-level dressings room windows in heavy fabric with black out lining.

Razel proudly showed the curtains. One was made from a lightly lustered “ Malibu “ fabric that is heavy and serves well for a flawless “ drop “ which is perfect for windows in high ceiling rooms. The color is of a soothing blend of olive and moss that is ideal for blocking the sun. In line among the drapes is a cherry blossom print in muted pink and grey that accords a homey look. One could take a pick from the array of fabrics suited to one’s taste. Everything can be custom-made or if one is not inclined to wait, then, buy from what are already available at the shop.

This modern residence at River Bends at Eton City (Sta. Rosa, Laguna) with 20 feet ceiling height for its living areas, require careful choices for window treatments. Roller shades were installed to provide privacy on windows fronting the street while allowing light to come in and to blend well with the minimal furnishings.

The Roman shades are actually streamlined roll-up and sun shades that come in neutral colors like cream and beige that could easily blend with client’s preferred color schemes. They, too, are from suitable fabric or other natural materials like bamboo, either pleated or seamless and could be custom made and installed as manual, motorized or through computerized tracking system. The blinds are a bit more interesting because some of the colors and texture of the fabrics use mimic wood, especially when viewed from a distance.

Antillan has served clients as the Marriott Hotel with its 10,000 square meters of function area, Amorita Resort in Bohol, Ayala Wesgrove Heights for Moroccan inspired projects, Eton City River Bends, Novotel Araneta Center and Alveo model unit in Kroma, among others.

This outfit has participated in two major exhibits: Hospitality Trends and the Philippine Furniture and Furnishings Fair. For a modest price sampling, a client could walk in for as much as from forty to eighty thousand worth of project for a 9- window affair depending on specifications.

More information could be had through their Facebook account-Antillan Window and Home Furnishings.

Published in print version (Voice of the South Volume 13, Issue No. 1)

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