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The Blossoming of Tagaytay and JETT Water Heater Co. Inc's hot campaign

If Tagaytay is now booming and blooming more than ever, blame it to the young and vibrant individuals having the time of their lives running Tagaytay City Tourism Council (TC²).

The team headed by Kamilla Sumagui is dong a very good job at making the city burst in kaleidoscopic colors. You’d be amazed seeing them in real action.

TC² holds council meetings like catching up with good old friends over Carlos’ pizzas on a late Friday afternoon. And more importantly, the team gets to successfully cover current issues not usually included in tourism discussions like senior citizen’s welfare, quick emergency response and the city-wide earthquake drill. TC² also makes sure partners in the community are handed invites.

At the most recent meeting at Carlos Pizza’s Restaurant, the following establishments send out their representatives: Pancake House, Razon’s, Craving’s, Jolina Magdangal’s Memory Lane, Taal Vista Hotel, The Theodore Hotel and Piña Colina Resort. The presence of PO2 Rosette Dimatulac of PNP Tagaytay and Atty. Billy Sumagui of Sumagui Law Office was a welcome and comforting sight.

Dexter R. Alvaran, Area Sales Manager of JETT Water Heater Co., Inc. presented to the council and guests the current goings-on at JETT, the country’s leading water heating solution provider. JETT just celebrated its 31st year in the business, its regular preventive maintenance and trade-in programs, the Kabuhayan business for enterprising riders and wives, the growing number of satisfied clients in Tagaytay, Cavite and Batangas, and the product launch of Atlantic electric storage water heater, the latest high technology brand from France that JETT is solely distributing in the Philippines.

Alvaran ended her powerpoint presentation with JETT’s national campaign to spread the loving feeling and the feeling of being loved everywhere through #JETTAlagangTalagangWalangKatulad. JETT marketing promotions are centered on showing true love and care towards self by owning a JETT hot shower or by surprising a family member or friend or business partner with a brand new JETT water heater on special occasions.

Nothing can be really more refreshing and touching than feeling the love every time one showers… and knowing someone dear is having a grand hot bath because you cared enough to buy him JETT water heater.

While the entire Tagaytay City continues to boom and blossom, JETT Water Heater Co., Inc. carries on with its mission to spread Alagang JETT by keeping everyone fresh and warm and feeling loved.

Published in print version (Voice of the South, Volume 13, Issue Number 1)

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