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DIY Eyeglass Care

Eyeglasses are fragile things and so succumb easily to wear and tear. In fact, many of those who wear eyeglasses need to keep many pairs lying around because they often break. Scratches, scuffs and broken hinges are all but regular occurrences. And sometimes, when they are designer specs or are have custom-fit frames from the pharmacy, it can get costly.

Here we give you some useful tips on how to fix common eyeglass breaks, so that you might get a longer life out of your spectacles.

To Fix Scratched Lenses:

Lenses scratch easily. Just putting your glasses in the wrong place where something can rub on the lens, and that's it. You end up with scratched lenses. It's a good thing there are a few simple remedies for this very common problem.


Apply a small amount of non-abrasive toothpaste onto the scratched lens. Don't use toothpastes with ”scrubbing beads” . Using a soft cotton cloth, buff the toothpaste into the scratch using small, circular motions. Do this for approximately two minutes and then wipe the lens clean. Using a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol, gently clean the lens and dry with glasses cleaning cloth. For deep, stubborn scratches, just keep repeating the process until the lens is scratch-free.

Metal Polish

Apply a small amount of lightly abrasive liquid (not paste) metal polish to affected area. Using a soft cotton cloth, buff the metal polish into the lens. Keep on this process for two minutes or longer, depending on the severity of the scratch, until the scratch is buffed out. Afterwards, clean the lens with alcohol as above.

Baking Soda

Using baking soda and a small amount of water, make a paste and apply it to the scratched lens. Using a soft cotton cloth, buff the baking soda paste into the scratch. Continue as necessary and then clean with alcohol as above.

To Replace a Missing Screw:

Screws loosen in time, and then just suddenly fall off, leaving you unable to wear your glasses. An eyeglass mending kit should contain a replacement screw, but if you don't have one, here are two quick solutions for you.

Using a Toothpick

Align the frame with the dislodged arm, so that the holes of the hinge overlap. Insert a toothpick through the hole, pushing steadily until the toothpick will not budge any further and is securely stuck in the hinge.Snap off the toothpick on either side, close to the hinge. Ideally, you should snap the protruding excess as close to the hinge as possible.

Using Wire

Align the frame with the dislodged arm, so that the holes of the hinge overlap. Insert a piece of wire through the hole and then twist both ends of the wire tightly. Twist as close to the hinge as you can until the arm is secure. Snip off the excess wire using wire cutters.

To Adjust Ill-Fitting Glasses:

Glasses that are worn too tight can cause some serious headaches and discomfort, while glasses that keep sliding down your face will annoy you constantly. Instead of heading to the store for an adjustment, try these simple DIY tricks.

When Glasses are Too Tight

Run very hot water from the faucet along the curved ends of your glasses’ arms. Hold the ends under the running water for about two minutes until the plastic becomes a bit softer. It will not melt if the water isn’t boiling, but it should become soft enough to flex. Then, gently bend the curved ends slightly up and out to loosen tightness behind the ears.

When Glasses Slide Down Your Face

Repeat the above procedure, but then bend the curved ends of your glasses downwards and in to make a tighter grip behind the ears.

To Clean Eyeglasses

Try this DIY Cleaning Solution

1. Combine 1 part water, 1 part isopropyl alcohol and 1 part dish soap in a spray bottle. Shake to combine.

2. Spray glasses with solution and, using small circular motions, polish your glasses clean using a microfiber cloth.

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