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Enjoying the Illusion...while it lasts

From the latter part of December 2017 until August 2018, good feelings, optimism and a generally positive outlook wins over the masses. Absolute power projects a generous nature and willingness to align with allies in rule.

The role of a father is assumed with the vow to protect and care for the people. But rare and awe-inspiring personal experiences--derived from what seems like dutiful interactions with China--brings about dreams of dynasty and with it the hunger for even more power as if the absolute control at hand is not yet enough. Greed narrows the options to a point that opportunities for progress and positive change are disregarded in a wholesale scale.

The cultivation of allies pays off, but demands even more favors that compromise a sacred oath. Still coming out ahead, thanks to the women supporting the throne, the tyrant is forced to reconcile with a particular one. A strong woman's advice proves to enrich, bring better opportunities, and eventually emerges as a guide to a new frontier that is yet without rules. But another advice by the same strong woman shows the folly of it all.

The spiritual and religious are incited by an old man's view of a young man's experience. No one is there to disprove a convenient tale used to justify a violent habit. What becomes evident though is a great ignorance that can never possess the wisdom nor the enlightenment claimed.

The public eye moves to scrutinize, as more people demand rationalities. Members of the clergy who concern themselves with those who were killed are the ones killed. While demanding integrity in its own ranks, the high court loses its own integrity. The usury of the nation is made to look like a favor. Images of a successful rule become uncertain after August.

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