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Tia Belle's Pansit Malabon & Pichi Pichi

Even before having a bite of Tia Belle’s pancit malabon, it’ll probably be clear to many who go to the quaint but widely popular eating nook (along Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road) that they’re in a bonafide Pinoy restaurant that wears pride in Filipino food on a daily basis, and brandishes the authority to serve local favorites in their improved, sometimes even uncanny, forms. And then after the bite, any disputes that may arise to challenge this notion will find its way out the window, in lieu of a pleasant gastronomic indulgence strongly asserting the right to replace all areas for doubt.

Perhaps an excellent view of Mount Makiling and Laguna de Bay help in establishing the old Pinoy romance ambience, or maybe the touch of ancient hardwood posts and capiz and stained glass accents. But then again, after tasting the stuff in the menu, the final verdict, as to the real bringer of such a mood, is truly the food.

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