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Alabang has time and again shown how restaurants of all kinds can flourish in its cradle…if they are worthy. Burgeoning as an entirely new city sprawl south of Manila, this place can be tough for start-up restaurants that are founded on the presumption that the restaurant-goers here are as sophisticated as those in Makati. For actually, they are a little bit more refined here, where they have a hip ultra-modern metropolis, a plethora of posh suburban enclaves, and premiere commercial districts—all set in area that’s alongside scenic Laguna Bay and nearby Mount Makiling.

Filinvest Corporate City, in particular, wields a certain sophistication that multiplies the difficulties for a restaurant, and weeds out the unprepared. But in Commercenter Mall, East Asia Drive corner Commerce Avenue, Filinvest, Alabang, a Japanese restaurant has been making waves for years now since it opened. And hasn’t seen a slowdown yet in its boom.

Sigekiya Ramen was founded some five years ago in Yokohama, Japan by a certain Ramen Master by the name of Sugizaki. The place became a hit among Filipinos working and residing in Yokohama, many of whom just couldn’t stop raving about the restaurants good food and service. Soon enough, Sigekiya Ramen became the common meeting place of Filipinos in Yokohama who enjoy ramen.

Sugizaki-san, seeing how his ramen shop grew mostly because of his loyal Filipino patrons, then decided to open Sigekiya Ramen in the Philippines. Now in Alabang, the authentic Japanese restaurant has several “must-trys":


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