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Greenfield Unveils Expansion of Solen Residences

In the bustling panorama of Santa Rosa, Laguna, an extraordinary transformation is in progress, heralding a paradigm shift in sophisticated living. The Solen Residences expansion, the freshest endeavor from Greenfield Development Corporation, is set to redefine the real estate narrative in this locale.

Expanding strategically across five hectares on the western fringes of the initial Solen phase, this expansion amplifies the Solen development to a grand 55 hectares. A surge of 178 new lots graces this expansion, pushing the available plots to 1,267. This surge is a direct response to the fervent demand witnessed after the initial Solen phase virtually flew off the shelves at an astounding 97%.

A unique facet of the Solen expansion is its eclectic lot sizes, spanning from 150 to 270 square meters, assuring an ideal space for every envisaged home. The expansion mirrors Greenfield's trademark tree-lined avenues, elevating the ambiance to an inviting and scenic haven.

This sprawling property finds its abode within Greenfield City, Brgy Don Jose, Santa Rosa, Laguna, just a swift three-kilometer jaunt from the Eton-Greenfield City Exit on the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX).

The Solen brand boasts an impressive track record, witnessing a meteoric 217% surge in property values since its initial phase launch in 2011. The introduction of additional lots in the Solen expansion not only fortifies this success but positions Solen as an astute investment prospect for astute real estate connoisseurs.

The impact of Solen Residences' expansion reverberates beyond its immediate confines, positively influencing the broader Greenfield City and Santa Rosa region. As the community burgeons, it becomes a catalyst for heightened economic dynamism, resulting in an enriched tapestry of services, amenities, and conveniences for Solen residents and their neighboring cohorts.

The Solen expansion emerges as a realm unto itself—a haven for crafting indelible memories and perpetuating experiences. Seamlessly fusing nature with contemporary living, it beckons amidst the lush splendor of Santa Rosa, inviting denizens to a natural sanctuary adorned with tree-lined avenues, panoramic views, pristine lakes, vibrant parks, and the tranquil embrace of nature. It transcends mere habitation; it evolves into a thriving hub at the nexus of nature.

This expansion unfolds as an expressive canvas for the discerning lovers of life. Populated by dreamers occupying key roles in middle to top-tier management, groundbreaking entrepreneurs, and professionals excelling in their respective realms, this community converges through a shared vision of an extraordinary living odyssey. Beyond being residents, they emerge as architects shaping a novel chapter in their lives, accompanied by the laughter of children and young families seeking more than a residence—a haven for their adventures and recollections.

Scheduled to commence its journey in October 2023, the Solen expansion project is poised to captivate potential homeowners and investors with its anticipated completion in the second quarter of 2025—a testament to meticulous design and sustainability.

Greenfield Development Corporation commits not just to residences but to an enthralling and sustainable lifestyle, aspiring to create a legacy that resonates across generations. The unfurling Solen Expansion Project underscores the company's dedication to recalibrating the echelons of real estate distinction in the Philippines.


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