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Enchanted Kingdom at 28

A Continuing Magical Odyssey

In a land where dreams and enchantment intertwine, a world-class haven of wonder and jubilation beckons the adventurous at heart. And it has been doing so for quite some time now.

For the past 28 years, Enchanted Kingdom theme park in Santa Rosa, Laguna, has been crafting an unrivaled tapestry of magical experiences that linger eternally in the souls of those fortunate enough to cross its threshold. This October 2023, the Philippines' premier theme park commemorates nearly three decades of enchantment.

In 1995, Enchanted Kingdom unfurled its gates to the world, a whimsical symphony composed of meticulously curated zones, punctuated by a melange of gastronomic treasures, souvenir emporiums, and captivating skill games. Today, that humble origin has blossomed into a sprawling canvas of enchantment, spanning nine themed precincts, hosting over 30 captivating rides and attractions, 13 enthralling entertainment spectacles, 21 tantalizing gift boutiques, 11 magnificent event spaces, and AGILA the EKsperience – the Philippines' inaugural and only flying theater.

However, Enchanted Kingdom is more than just an amusement park; it is an institution that fosters “edutainment”, captivating guests of all ages, particularly inquisitive scholars.

Genesis of Magic

As the 28th-anniversary celebrations dawn, the luminary behind the curtain, EK Chairman and President, Mario O. Mamon, has recounted the park's modest origins. Speaking at the Philippine Tourism Investment Summit in 2023, he elucidated their pioneering endeavor.

“Why invest in tourism, specifically a theme or amusement park? Because there were no honest to goodness theme parks in the country at the time that we started planning. There were none of the scale, magnitude and qualities similar to theme parks like Knott’s Berry Farm & Disneyland in California,” Mr. Mamon explained.

“Most especially, we wanted to provide Filipinos the opportunity to obtain the ‘authentic theme park’ experience without necessarily having to travel abroad to do so,” he continued.

Ups and Downs

Much like the ebb and flow of a roller coaster, Enchanted Kingdom's history has been a saga of resilience in the face of internal and external trials. During the park's construction from 1992 to 1995, theme and amusement parks were not deemed investments of prime significance by the Board of Investments (BOI) and the government. It wasn't until the enactment of Republic Act No. 9593, "The Tourism Act of 2009," that a ray of optimism shone on their developmental aspirations. This landmark legislation specifically included "theme parks" in the realm of tourism enterprises.

“The decade after RA 9593’s enactment were our growth years wherein we increased not only our attendance but also our land area with the end in view of transforming the standalone facility into a multi-day, multi experiential ‘integrated attractions destination,’ similar to what other parks were doing all over the world. We decided to put our plans into motion in 2019 by applying for TIEZA accreditation to become both a Tourism Enterprise Zone (TEZ) and a Registered Tourism Enterprise (RTE),” Mr. Mamon recounts.

Yet, as TIEZA granted EK its imprimatur in 2020, the shadow of a pandemic descended. Despite the adversity, Enchanted Kingdom valiantly soldiered on, delivering and installing its latest exhilarating ride attraction. The collaboration with TIEZA transpired amidst the dawn of the pandemic's lockdown phase, an emblem of unwavering determination.

A Resurgence of Magic

As the pandemic's grip gradually waned by 2022, the tourism sector embarked on a resolute revival, bursting with newfound vitality. EK, in fact, earned the distinction of amassing the highest number of same-day visitors in 2022, as attested by the government of Laguna. This accolade was bestowed upon them during the provincial government's grand celebration of the National Tourism Week 2023 at the Cultural Center of Laguna.

Dr. Cynthia R. Mamon, the Chief Operating Officer, affirms that the world-class theme park remains resolute in enhancing its offerings to create enchanting experiences for all its guests.

“Enchanted Kingdom is committed to our vision to be the Philippine leader in wholesome family leisure and entertainment. The recognition will serve as an inspiration to EK to always be the best channel of magic to every Filipino. We hope that in continuing to give our best, we are able to contribute to the betterment of our immediate community here in Laguna,” Dr. Mamon articulated.

Beyond the 28th-anniversary milestone, Enchanted Kingdom is primed to bolster and galvanize Filipino pride with the impending Cultural Village, an ode to the nation's rich culture and history. EK is also conjuring magic to elevate the dining experience for its visitors with the advent of branded dining establishments in the EK Portico area, just a stone's throw from the park's grand entrance.

Lastly, EK has unveiled its commitment to keeping the enchantment alive, flinging open its gates every day of the week starting December 17, providing families with a steady stream of wholesome leisure and entertainment, especially during the holiday season.

To delve deeper into this magnificent celebration and to remain updated on forthcoming events, please visit

For the latest enchantments, follow EK's official social media accounts: on Facebook and Tiktok, and @ek_philippines on Twitter and Instagram.


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