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Enchanted Kingdom's Magic Lives On

Same kingdom, new magic

Magic, they say, can only be truly known by those who believe it. It is experienced, like the changing of the seasons. Like a river that flows out to the sea, or the crack of thunder on a sunny day, it spans time, motion and dimensions. It is wonderful. And it is often present in wonderful places.

Enchanted Kingdom theme park in Santa Rosa, Laguna is where both magic and wonder come alive. It is where awesome memories are made and where friends and families can experience magic together.


“Children see magic because they look for it.”

― Christopher Moore


Oh, the tales visitors tell of the new XD Dark Ride of Enchanted Kingdom's 7D Interactive Motion Theater. Using "light guns" to defeat enemies jumping at them out of the screen, those who have tried it excitedly speak of the adventure.

What heroic tales of battles won or lost in the war simulation field by Xtreme Paintball Philippines!

What treasures of the sea are conjured up in their minds as they sail over imaginary waves at Anchors Away?

For decades, kids have soared on dinosaurs on the exhilarating ride DinoSoarUs.

A whirlwind of overlapping narratives is whipped up by those who have ridden the Air Race. Six acrobatic planes that can fly four passengers each swoop, spin and dive for a maximum thrill. Famous for its simulation of acrobatic exhibition flights, this thriller ride banks, loops, dives, and mimics weightlessness as each plane rotates anywhere 360 degrees while revolving around a central tower.

What people see and what they believe sway in between confusing lines at The Ghostbusters Adventure Live. This immersive walk-through of the iconic Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ from the movie can seriously spook.

See the beauty of the Philippines through the eyes of a Philippine eagle at Agila the EKsperience. This first flying theatre in the Philippines is the largest of its kind in the world! This cinematic ride takes you to a virtual journey across the country's majestic mountains, breathtaking beaches and incredible islands.

The elevating and enlivening swing ride Flying Fiesta would prove memorable. 52 swing seats revolve around a fancy central mast that lifts, drops and tilts all through out its fabulous centrifugal course.

The Roller Skater is a junior coaster for those who want the rolling and twisting excitement of a roller coaster but on a scaled down intensity.

Stone Eggs is a small Ferris Wheel for kids. Six gondolas shaped like dinosaur eggs take children on a jurassic-themed fun ride.

Since it opened in October of 1995, many more rides and attractions have been added to make Enchanted Kingdom even more magical. Enchanted Kingdom remains to be the leading world-class theme park in the country. It's amused countless people, young and old, and from all walks of life. It's become a place of endless celebrations, hosting innumerable birthdays, weddings, debut, company outings, product launches, school excursions, proms and sport events from day 1. And it continues to be a main tourist destination in the city of Santa Rosa, Laguna.

From mundane to the profound, different manifestations of magic abound in Enchanted Kingdom. It is known to those who have seen, heard, felt and encountered its extraordinary amusements.

The tales they tell take up residence in the soul and, thus, preserve the magic for many, many years. The impressions vary, affecting people in more ways than they can ever tell. But the memories weaved, by the fun, the thrill, and the shrills, embed deep enough to last. And that's what it's all about.

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