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ACTIVE LIFE CHICAGO PT Advanced Physical Therapy for Efficient Pain Management

Chronic pain—from mild to severe pain that just won’t go away, throbbing, burning, shooting pain, to stiffness or soreness—can be a bummer. To the afflicted, it hampers days with nagging discomfort, or even disables and renders unproductive. Chronic pain may also leads to physical aggravations, like fatigue, sleeplessness, depression, hypertension, anxiety, and stress. And to alleviate the situation of those suffering from chronic pain, the science of pain management was conceived. ActiveLife Chicago Physical Therapy Clinic specializes in pain management. Using a variety of techniques and procedures, ActiveLife tackles problematic conditions such as muscular and join pains, sports injuries, arthritic conditions, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, nerve impingement, neck and shoulder pains, knee and hip pain, and even stroke-related afflictions. The following services are offered: Hands Free Ultrasound and Stim Combo- an ultrasound treatment that is much more focused than the ones you’ve probably encountered. With a frequency of up to 10k hertz for the stim, the pain relief lasts longer than a typical Bambang style equipment. Shockwave- a state-of-the-art tool that breaks down scar tissue and relieves muscle spasms. Vibracussor- is part of ActiveLife’s basic treatment that helps relieve pain, spasm and tenderness. Dry Needling/Acupuncture- is similar to acupuncture but the needles are placed on the painful spots instead of acupuncture points. Physical Therapy- is a staple service using actual physical therapists who specialize in treating frozen shoulder, knee pain, back/sciatica, plantar fasciitis, arthritic conditions, sports injuries, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, neck and shoulder pain, disc bulge, scoliosis, joint and muscle pains.

Dr. Ron Samaniego (Doc Ron) is the owner, operator and Physical Therapy Doctor of ActiveLife PT Clinic. After a lengthy practice on Physical Therapy in the United States, particularly in Chicago, Doc Ron decided to come back to the Philippines to open a special clinic designed exclusively for physical therapy. He opened one clinic first in Mandaluyong City, where he learned there is a lack of physical therapy facilities in the country, after seeing the massive influx of patients and inquiries. So the logical thing to do was to open more branches in key areas in order to cater to more people who suffer from musculoskeletal problems. “We have clinic branches in Metro Manila, and one provincial clinic in Sta. Rosa , Laguna, but soon we will put up clinics in Cebu and Davao. We plan to put up more clinics around the country”, Doc Ron said.

What’s amazing is many of Doc Ron’s patients attest that they tried all sorts of other hospitals and massage establishments for treatment, but only felt truly relieved after a visit to a licensed physical therapy doctor. This fueled his passion all the more, and made him more determined to revolutionize the field of physical therapy in the country, to make it both more viable as a career, and more accessible as a solution to patients. “I want people to get better. I would not come over from Chicago to Manila if I’m not passionate about this”, Doc Ron claims.

For more information on Active Life, visit their Facebook page at:

Or their website at:

You may also call Tel No: (02) 997-5704 or Email:

Clinic branches: 415 Cityland Tower Shaw Blvd. Cor St. Francis, Mandaluyong City

1472-1476 Pacific Century Tower, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City Unit 805 Near Crossings Mall/National Bookstore Contact: (0977) 290 0650

303 Philippine Business Bank corporate center 1906 Finance drive Madrigal Center 1, Alabang, Muntinlupa (Same building as Ringside) Contact: (0977) 292 1917 or (02) 772 0719

12 Concepcion Bagong Barrio Caloocan City. Behind BIR building along Edsa before Monumento Circle.

Gymboree Building Brain Train center Unit 108 Sta. Rosa Business Park, Greenfield, Sta. Rosa, Laguna (Behind Medical City Santa Rosa) Contact: (0995)844 1166 Globe/ (0950) 6347938 Talk N Text

Room 708 BPI Condominium Bldg 150 Plaza Cervantes Street Binondo, Manila Contact: (02) 2435398

Marian Medical Arts Building Unit 213 Dahlia, Fairview, Behind FEU (02) 461 3322

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