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Lago de Oro & The Thrilling Splash of Life

Lago de Oro summons the thrill-seeker inside the cosmopolitan Pinoy. It invites one to head south, to Calatagan, Batangas, to soak up, relax and celebrate life…with a splash. To escape the daily grind and step into a wakeboard, and get wet in the spatter as you dash over the water or as you get dunked in a flop—this is resort’s main attraction.

Situated 115 kilometers south-west of Manila, along Zobel Highway and facing the South China Sea, the 11.7-hectare Lago de Oro Hotel and Cable Ski Park is just a little more than 2 hours away from Makati.

“It makes an ideal getaway for urbanites sick of manic schedules, work stress and pollution. It is spacious and secluded—no noisy neighbors”, claims Lago’s spokesperson Mrs. Ellen Camer-Pesci.

Wakeboarders’ Haven

Lago de Oro is the country’s pioneer wakeboard park, introducing the Rixen (Germany) cable ski system here way back in 2000. Wakeboarding is a surface water sport which involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water. It was developed from a combination of water skiing, snow boarding and surfing techniques.

Normally, the rider is towed behind a motorboat, but at Lago you will be pulled by cable to make the experience more exciting.

“We have a unique cable system designed for wakeboarding, wakeskating and water skiing”, explains Ellen. “Beginners can even try our Little Bro Easy Start System, and learn the basics of wakeboarding from qualified Instructors”, she added.

Similar to surfing, wakeboarding has gradually picked up interest in the Philippines, and now has numerous enthusiasts all over, many of whom either learned to wakeboard or continue to practice as veterans at the resort.

Other Things to Do

Wakeboarding, however, is not the only thing one can do when at Lago. Blending intimacy, comfort and exclusivity in the amiably secluded, notably tranquil, sun-kissed part of Batangas, Lago de Oro has quite an arsenal of surprising treats, besides its cable ski park facility—from barefoot yet sophisticated enjoyment to modern and practical amenities. Many from Metro Manila have come to join the fortunate who have discovered this water fun land, and found it to be the best alternative to malling, binge shopping or trying out the chow in a seemingly endless string of novelty fast-food outlets.

Take a sea-breeze-blessed walk tour around a kilometer-long lake; have a cool dip in the resort’s two-tiered pool; go down-to-earth and feed jovial lambs in a farmstead; bounce over the waves on a banana boat ride; loosen up through a pampering manicure-pedicure service; rocket through the waves on a jet-ski; go on an enlivening boat cruise; go snorkeling in waters animated with fish and other sea creatures; feel electrified doing underwater fish-feeding; laze around and have a massage at the spa; or rent a balsa and have a picnic by the sea. These are but some of the enjoyable activities guests can do, if they are not there to wakeboard.

As Ellen emphasized, “It’s really more than just a wakeboard park.”

The hotel has been up since 1994, initially with only sixteen rooms. At present, Lago de Oro has 38 rooms of varying shapes and sizes to accommodate an assortment of clientele. 150 to 200 people can stay comfortably at the resort overnight.

“Corporate guests have their team-building activities over here”, Ellen said.

Ecologically Attuned

Lago can also be somewhat an educational tour. The resort’s management are so environmentally attuned, several facets of the resort are practically lessons in ecology.

The resort, for instance, produces its own food. Their lamb, bacon, ham, salami, pasta, sauces, jams, cakes, ice cream and garden vegetables are either raised or made there.

Also, there is evident use of solar power. Their septic system is regulated in accordance with natural processes. And they do extensive composting to produce organic fertilizer for the resort’s greens.

Fresh, Homegrown Delights

The overall holistic approach practiced by the resort’s management is a big factor in making it a truly sublime environment where guests can learn a lot and be inspired. But it is also for this reason that the resort serves surprisingly good food.

“Lago de Oro’s Restaurant Menu offers a selection of pizza and pasta, soups, appetizers, salad, lamb, beef, chicken, pork, asian medley, seafood, native favorites, sausages, sandwiches, side dishes and dessert plus a choice of budget meal and kiddie meal”, according to Ellen.

Lago de Oro, whether you wakeboard or not, sums up as a thrilling stop. An exciting pause from the daily hustle and bustle, in order to assimilate life…in a universal, integrated sense.

Its appeal is actually a general calling to our souls, a natural beckoning by what we might forget, living a life of haste in the urban jungle. Many, understandably, are captivated. For who does not want to accentuate their life with cool splashes and sober delights?

+63 (917) 504-2685

+63 (43) 417-4007

Bo. Balibago Calatagan, Batangas Philippines 4215

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