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Venture to the side of Tagaytay City that is opposite the ridge, and you’ll find even more attractive vacation options…like Hotel Dominique.

You always feel welcome at Hotel Dominique. It almost comes as a pleasant surprise, as one would realize—it has been there all along, and yet seemingly tucked away and barely noticed by many, considering that it's been there since February of 2003. It has a down-to-earth friendly facade that greets one like home, but then its strength as a hospitality establishment is gradually revealed as one stays longer.

The fresh interiors will eventually catch the eye, as they emerge from the visibly heavier vintage frames. And with this shifting of readjustment of aesthetic views, it seems so too do points of view on life. Stress and worries seem to suddenly fade shortly upon entrance, as if it were a gateway to a special getaway.

Conveniently located just a few meters away from the Tagaytay Rotona, along Aguinaldo Highway, Hotel Dominique is a relaxing escape from the daily grind of Metro Manila. It's just minutes away from the Tagaytay recreational strip, where casino and gaming hub, the restaurant row, and other tourist destinations are located. And the array of comforts the hotel offers makes it an ideal retreat—whether for big family gatherings, corporate outings, vacations with friends, or a romantic escapade.

Hotel Dominique has a rich variety of suites, casitas, cabanas, superior and deluxe rooms, and super deluxe rooms. And its modern, readily available facilities constantly reflect the silent, yet astute dedication of the hotel management and staff—to serve in unison and efficiently.

The hotel’s function rooms are sophisticated and grand, located in a three-level building at the aft. The building’s spacious floors and view-assimilating design have already impressed countless of guests, as they can convert, quite simply, to beautiful ballrooms, memorable convention halls, extraordinary galleries, and monumental seminar rooms.

If a real staycation is your idea, not really minding skipping the Tagaytay tour agenda, then a number of options for activities are generously presented by the hotel. You can play a fun game of billiards, or have a cool dip in the pool and lounge around at poolside. A cute souvenir shop offers a collection of delicacies and handicrafts for sale. And the hotel’s restaurant offers a range of delightful cuisines, and even an interesting line of canned and packed foodstuffs produced by the hotel’s annex kitchen.

A member of the Philippine Convention and Visitors Corporation (PCVC) and rated Standard Hotel by the Department of Tourism, Hotel Dominique comes out as a gem for immersion tourists and welcome luxury to a whole new view of Tagaytay.

Hotel Dominique is located at Km. 55 Aguinaldo Highway, Brgy. Maitim II East,Tagaytay City. Contact Numbers are:

(02)584-4641/ (02)552-5141/ (046)413-0531/

(63)917-866-4140, (63)998-974-9404

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