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Tia Belle's and Three Years of Good Pinoy Eats

The singular talent of Evelyn Wise is quite manifest in the story Tia Belle’s. The devoted proprietress’ gracious, hands-on management of the popular Filipino comfort food eatery has proven how she is a bonafide triple threat—innovative, determined and all out hospitable.

From the start, Evelyn had already intended that the core of Tia Belle’s would be simple: to serve original Pinoy flavors. The uphill climb was mostly on the imperative to obtain her aunt Belle’s cooking acumen. She needed to learn it, imbibe it, perfect it, and afterwards add her own contributions to the recipes, by tweaking it—not to become some imagination-defying concoction—but just a little bit...just to put on her personal touch.

So from the essential Pinoy favorites like linaga, kare-kare, kaldereta, paksiw, dinuguan, lumpia, ginataan, pinirito, sisig, binagoongan, embutido, eskabetse, adobo, sinigang, relleno, pinangat, torta, and pancit, Tia Belle’s menu entrees have evolved to achieve finely considered pairings that add up to a savory course of contemporary best-sellers oozing just the same with traditional home-cooked warmth.

Of course, Tia Belle’s signature is all over the renowned Pancit Malabon and the Pichi-Pichi that everyone’s gone crazy about after trying.

At P350., Tia Belle’s Bulalo Sa Laguna is a hearty filler.

Recent additions to the menu, the Spicy Batter Chicken and the Manok sa Pugaran, are already making waves among the patrons.

ChickenBelle Crumbs

Halo-halo Turones

Ginataang Lechon Kawali

Suman Cacao

Lumpiang Bukid

Tia Belle also offers season favorites like the "very in-demand" bibingka and puto bumbong.

Lumpia Sa Laguna

Bahay Kubo (Sari-saring Gulay Pinoy)

Because Tia Belle's also wishes customers good health, the super healthy Oolong Tea is served FREE-OF-CHARGE.

Evelyn also made a good move joining forces with 5 cooks who come from different regions and know how to cook--Kapampangan, Bikolano, Tagalog , Visaya at Ilocano. The result: from starters, way down to appetizers, Tia Belle’s can offer a plenary of things to eat...all delectably Filipino. And that is precisely why this place has garnered its fair share of loyal patrons, even as it remains quaint and down-to-earth homey.

Now celebrating its 3rd year anniversary, Tia Belle’s success further highlights Evelyn’s brilliance in ensuring Pinoy food lovers are satisfied continuously.

“I wish to thank Tia Belle’s loyal improving, innovating, making our food and service better everytime. I even listen to their suggestions”, says Evelyn, who feels truly grateful to her customers who have come in a steadily increasing stream since they opened.

A place where Pinoy dining is at once comforting and gastrononomically gratifying, Tia Belle’s is where the natively traditional and avant-garde simultaneously please, with grassroots warmth and familial savors...just like home.

Unit E/F, Highland Building

Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road, Silang, Cavite

(near Adventist University, right next to Petron Gas Satation)

Tel. Nos. (049) 576-5155/ (049) 576-1953

Globe (0927) 713-3558

Smart (0939) 386-8648

* Published in print version (Voice of the South, Volume 12, No. 10)

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