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Alpine Leisure at Crosswinds

It's like Switzerland during its summer months, when the icy Alpine peaks morph into sweeping carpets of bright green shades. Mountain breeze brushes through meadows and hills producing the combined fragrance of sweet herbs, earth and pinewood. A suburban setting with a rural expanse causes the mind to lay back and relax. And pretty soon, the body follows. It's leisure in the Alps...but in the Philippines.

Crosswinds Resort Suites is inside Crosswinds Tagaytay, a 100-hectare leisure community nestled on a sprawl of hillside slopes. And it is just like a piece of Switzerland at its sunniest season. It bears that distinct character that's lush and elevated, cool and semi-wild, rich and somewhat exclusive. It's a balance between the familiar yet foreign. But also between action and rest.

Perhaps it is the breathtaking panoramas of sloping terrains and pine groves that make one think of skis and snowboards and sporty adventures in the cold, on one hand. And on the other, the warmth and luxury of chalet-styled suites that tempt the body to snuggle up under cozy sheets. Whatever it is, the harmony of cool and warm proves the presence of opposites here are not for the production of moods that are erratic nor ironic, but there to blend in the most ideal circumstances.

The "Swiss feel", the character and earthy heritage speaks aloud in its architecture. The accents are definitely hand-picked and well-curated to conjure up the ambience of wooden Germanic-Swiss boltholes. But its rusticity is not primitive or rough. It's actually more thematic than essential, as its amenities are wholly luxurious and render only modern sensibilities.

Fog is aplenty in the air at Crosswinds. It's got a good enough altitude for that. And in Tagaytay, it's probably the perfect place to just take it all in. With its network of snaking roads and conifer-lined landscapes, an enveloping fog lets you literally take in great scenery. Who wouldn't like to take a whiff from air that's scented by more than 20,000 pine trees? Surely it'd be a refreshment to anyone who breathes here, particularly those worn by the daily stress of work and urban living.

The rooms are palatial, and include kitchen, dining and lounge areas that are more generous in space than most hotels. While most hotels and resorts claim to be "home away from home", Crosswinds delivers this tag line more accurately. For starters, let's look at the kitchen. The kitchen of each suite is fully-equipped so that guests can bring in and cook as much food as they want, on hours they wish, without being penalized with corkage fees or additional payment. Food deliveries from fast foods are also allowed.

Daily, weekly and month-long rates are offered, so, at least for a time, guests can truly say they've lived here. There's an outdoor swimming pool and a kiddie pool, playgrounds and pocket parks, and wi-fi to fill any children's entertainment needs.

On Saturdays and Sundays, guests can have their caffeine fix and other hot treats at the Coffee Shop. There's a Banquet Hall for parties and Corporate Function Rooms that can be availed of at special corporate rates. And, during the Christmas season, Crosswinds holds its traditional highlight, the Christmas Village, featuring Santa's House.

Crosswinds Resort Suites is Alpine grandeur with the feeling of home, a cool escapade where you don't just get away but also get above it all.

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