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Coffee facility projected to spur growth in Laguna town

SANTA MARIA, Laguna – Unveiling an exciting prospect for the coffee industry, the Department of Agriculture's Philippine Rural Development Project (DA-PRDP) in Calabarzon recently convened with members of the Juan Santiago Agricultural Cooperative (JSACOOP) to discuss the construction of an innovative and groundbreaking coffee processing facility. Set to be the town's first major establishment of its kind, this initiative is expected to uplift the region's coffee farmers and revitalize the local economy.

Projections suggest that once the facility is operational, coffee farmers could witness a remarkable increase in their income, with an estimated boost of at least 25 percent in the first year alone. As the project matures, it anticipates further growth, with the income surge expected to reach an impressive 31 percent by the tenth year. Such substantial progress holds tremendous promise for the coffee growers, who have long awaited an opportunity to harness their potential in a dynamic marketplace.

The venture also carries the added benefit of generating employment opportunities for the townspeople, bolstering their livelihoods and ensuring sustainable economic growth. With the introduction of this coffee processing facility, local farmers will be provided with a guaranteed market, affording them the security and stability they deserve.



The DA-PRDP Regional Project Coordination Office - Calabarzon emphasized the significance of a pre-construction meeting. This preliminary step aims to secure the commitment of JSACOOP and the contractor to meet the government's stringent standards and requirements for funding infrastructure projects. While compliance evaluation remains pending until the facility's construction commences, the DA-PRDP will conduct thorough inspections during the implementation phase to ensure adherence to the prescribed guidelines. Furthermore, a final inspection will be conducted before the facility's operations are initiated, leaving no room for compromise on quality.

During the meeting, the DA-PRDP shed light on its comprehensive processes and requirements, which encompass procurement, social and environmental safeguards, financing, geo-tagging and governance, rural infrastructure standards, and enterprise subprojects. This comprehensive approach demonstrates the commitment of the project to encompass all necessary aspects to ensure its success and long-term benefits for the community.

In a testament to the power of collaboration, the JSACOOP and the DA-PRDP have joined forces to finance the realization of this ambitious coffee processing facility. Nestled in Barangay Juan Santiago, the structure will span an impressive 150 square meters and carry an estimated price tag of PHP5.6 million. Encouragingly, the DA-PRDP anticipates the completion of this groundbreaking facility within the current year, propelling the region's coffee industry to new heights.

Expressing his dedication to the project, Marcos Aves Sr., the Regional Project Director of DA-PRDP Regional Project Coordination Office - Calabarzon, affirmed the office's unwavering commitment to cooperation and diligent coordination with JSACOOP and the assigned contractor. Aves emphasized the significance of timely completion and strict adherence to DA-PRDP standards, underscoring the importance of monitoring compliance not only with the DA-PRDP but also with other programs and initiatives that aim to foster enduring benefits for the citizens.

As the construction of the coffee processing facility in Santa Maria looms ever closer, the region brims with anticipation, knowing that this transformative venture has the potential to reshape the coffee industry and enrich the lives of countless farmers. With steadfast dedication and a commitment to excellence, the DA-PRDP and JSACOOP stand poised to lay the foundation for a thriving future, where the aroma of freshly brewed success will permeate the air in Santa Maria, Laguna.


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