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Innovative Waste-to-Energy Venture Takes Root in Laguna, Propelling Sustainability Efforts

In a promising stride towards environmental sustainability, Integrated Green Technology Visayas Inc., a prominent entity renowned for its pioneering waste-to-energy initiatives, has unveiled its intent to establish two cutting-edge waste-to-energy facilities in the province of Laguna.

Michael Jimenez, the distinguished President and CEO of Integrated Green Technology Visayas Inc., has revealed the company's ambitious proposal to invest a substantial range of capital, spanning from P12 billion to P57 billion, for the establishment of two expansive waste-to-energy plants. These avant-garde facilities are meticulously designed to cater to every city and municipality within the precincts of Laguna.

The unveiling of this audacious plan occurred during a pivotal assembly of the Provincial Solid Waste Management Board (PSWMB), convened on June 20. Set against the backdrop of the stately Governor's Executive Meeting Room at the Provincial Capitol in Santa Cruz, Laguna, Jimenez presented his comprehensive proposition to the board.




Jimenez expounded on the capabilities of the envisioned facilities, highlighting their ability to efficiently convert a staggering 50 tons of waste into a formidable 1 megawatt of power. This innovation promises not only to herald cost-effective energy alternatives but also to significantly curtail the volume of waste consigned to landfills and dumpsites.

The province's involvement in this visionary endeavor rests on a foundation of collaboration, as it offers a usufruct agreement to the local government unit for the utilization of land over a span of 50 years. With regulatory prerequisites on the horizon, the construction of these groundbreaking plants is projected to commence sometime between the months of August and September of this calendar year.

A cornerstone of the Integrated Green Technology Visayas Inc.'s proposition is the assurance of environmentally responsible practices. The company's advanced technology blueprint not only mitigates the need for vast landfills and open dumpsites, but it also orchestrates a process wherein waste is hermetically sealed to eradicate odors and safeguard sanitation. Additionally, the facility implements a process that transmutes wastewater into pristine, clean water, amplifying the environmental benefits of the enterprise.

Jimenez, attesting to the integrity of the project, has pledged that the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) will grant its imprimatur only after stringent evaluations of the facilities' compliance with prevailing environmental standards. Strikingly, the facilities conduct emissions tests at a remarkable frequency—every nine minutes—a testament to the rigorous commitment to adherence to environmental benchmarks.

This pioneering venture is poised to not only exemplify environmental stewardship but also serve as a potential catalyst for local employment. With an estimated 80% of the requisite workforce anticipated to be drawn directly from the Local Government Unit (LGU), Jimenez's vision stands as a potential boon for the economic landscape of the region.

The inception of comparable waste-to-energy facilities has already been initiated in the provinces of Cebu and Pangasinan, both of which were anticipated to reach fruition the preceding year. As the pages of time continue to turn, the groundbreaking developments in Laguna signify a resolute march toward a greener and more sustainable future, amplifying the virtuous undertakings of entities like Integrated Green Technology Visayas, Inc.


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