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The Henry: A Rare Find in Laiya

Immerse into the sensory indulgence that is The Henry Resort Taramindu, the jewel of Laiya.

A masterpiece of a boutique hotel can be found along the sun-kissed shores of Laiya, San Juan, Batangas. The Henry Hotels and Resorts, known for their grand heritage properties, have ventured into uncharted territory with the creation of a quaint, relaxed, and laid-back version – The Henry Resort Taramindu Laiya.

Gratifying Practicality

In a world of ever-expanding travel options, The Henry Resort Taramindu Laiya comes out ahead in three categories: convenient, practical, and artistic. It's a 16-room boutique beach destination that, though a bit compact, can still turn out to be a luxuriously ideal stay. Imagine waking up in a room that opens to an outdoor lounge, where the cool sea breeze and awe-inspiring al fresco views embrace you from sunrise to sunset. This beachfront oasis is a departure from the cookie-cutter approach to hotel design, as each Henry property boasts a unique character.

The shores of Laiya offer a laid-back lifestyle. Residents and guests simply kick back and enjoy the coast––swimming, strolling, engaging in all sorts of water sports, lounging around, eating, drinking, and sucking up the sea breeze and the fascinating view. Amidst all these seaside ambiance towers a real jewel in Laiya: a tamarind tree, believed to be a century old. This is where The Henry decided to erect its masterpiece. The resort was artfully constructed around the ancient tree, giving it a sense of place that is deeply rooted in the beachfront locale.




As a quick beach escape from Manila’s manic, high-energy lifestyle, The Henry Resort Taramindu Laiya is a practical option. It's quite near. For vacationers who are a bit more concerned about travel time, economy, and convenience, it may even turn out to be the perfect choice.

Satisfaction Within Reach

Upon arrival, you could opt to schedule a 90-minute in-room Swedish or Shiatsu massage to knock off stress. After the body-kneading's done, you simply step out to a serene beachfront vista and absorb healing, ionized air from the ocean.





Beachfront cabanas also offer immediate stress relief, as guests can get into one and relax, unwind, sleep, and bask in the sun’s warm embrace, as soon as they’re checked in. Of course, there’s also the pool…and the ocean…to plunge into if a watery solace is preferred.

The hotel’s pool area is right smack in the middle of the layout, making it accessible from many points, and pretty hard to miss. It beckons like a glistening oasis of serenity. With a meticulously landscaped tropical garden for a backdrop, the pool area itself refreshes even before dipping in. Its placement is strategic. Parents dining at the hotel’s restaurant can watch their children swim. Rooms are just steps away for easy ingress and egress. Staff and waiters are stationed within audible attend to requests of swimming guests.

The ‘Thrill Options’

Apart from the relaxing scenery and overall tranquil mood, The Henry offers a plethora of water sports activities for those who’d prefer to “rev up” some adrenaline. Aside from the usual speed boat, kayak, and jet-ski rentals offered, there are “towed rides” for those who want that extra dash of excitement: the Banana Boat, the FlyFish, and the Disco (Donut) Boat.

By now, everybody probably knows already what a banana boat is, but have you seen the aerial FlyFish, or ever ridden one?

The FlyFish offers an unforgettable thrill. It involves an aerodynamic inflatable boat that is tugged by a speedboat or a powerful jet ski. At high speed, the FlyFish begins to lift off and glide over the water for some distance, and as soon as it touches the water, bounces back up in the air again.

Like the FlyFish, the Disco (Donut) Boat is also towed by a jet ski or a speedboat and skims just above water. But this one is shaped like a donut, and riders lay back along the inflatable’s circumference. Once at high speed, this thing does not only bob up and down the waves but spins like crazy.

While these heart-pounding adventures may satisfy desires for rush and, in the process, serve as memorable experiences, safety should still be a top priority. Safety protocols––like wearing life vests and keeping harnesses buckled properly during the rides––must be followed at all times to ensure the rides are not only enjoyable but also safe.

These exhilarating options demonstrate a point though. The Henry's management will go to great lengths to accommodate visitors, anticipating whatever might make stays more complete, even if it takes partnering with other local businesses.

Gourmet Comfort

The hotel’s restaurant is no less than the stylish Apartment 1B, serving up its enticing line of gourmet comfort foods. For those who see dining as an integral part of a vacation, this one is a gastronomic journey in itself, elevating the resort’s charm to yet another level of indulgence. Apartment 1B's menu captivates with creative blends of local flavors with international influences, garnering the brand a significant following.

Of Artists and Architects

The Henry’s architecture fulfills an inherent need for the mind to see spatial balance in tandem with motif. The use of locally sourced pieces, vivid murals, and perfectly appointed greenery seems to be influenced by the lore of ancient tamarind tree at the heart of the resort. If it is, then it's a good inspiration to draw from and create a harmonious blend of native and modern...with a touch of boldness. The play of aesthetics is remarkable.

High ceilings, chic droplights, natural tones, and native furniture––all meld with black bamboo and metal to produce stunning modern Filipiniana impressions. It’s all well thought of.

The rooms consistently reflect the resort's well-defined theme, smartly more than lavishly. Style and color combinations command enough attention to conjure up a fancy impression while being consistent with rustic, beach aesthetics.

Thoughtful Considerations

The artful symmetry extends to the second-floor Seaview Deck Lounge, which somewhat becomes the pinnacle of the upper floor's design exposition. This inviting space easily becomes the favorite spot of many, with its big veranda sprawling with banigs, bean bags, and swing chairs, all intended to provide comfort amidst an overlooking panorama of the coast. Digital nomads and “work from anywhere” aficionados love this area. Here, one can sip some drinks, behold the majesty of the sea, and attend to work with blazing 500 Mbps Wifi.

There’s also an honesty store, The Honest Henry, as all The Henry properties have. An honesty store operates on a unique and trust-based principle. Guests are welcome to select items they wish to purchase, such as handcrafted jewelry, statement necklaces, or other unique local products, and then simply leave the corresponding payment in a designated collection box. This concept embodies the essence of honesty and integrity, allowing guests to take their time and browse through the collection at their leisure. The store's offerings often include handcrafted and locally sourced items, which may provide a meaningful connection to the local community and culture.

In addition to the retail aspect, The Honest Henry may also feature books and items from the personal collection of the resort's owner, adding a distinctive touch to the shopping experience. This innovative retail approach supports local artisans and fosters a sense of trust and community, inviting guests to engage in a unique and rewarding shopping experience during their stay at The Henry Resort Taramindu Laiya.

Like a work of art, The Henry Resort Taramindu undoubtedly makes an impression, with its aesthetic branding and the availability of sensory treats that seem just around the corner. Certainly, a stay leaves a pleasant imprint, given the many immersive experiences guests can have. But in the end, one will find that satisfaction truly depends on the perspective–– the colors, emotions and sensations created by every unique moment. And the hotel's management utilizes this awareness, as evidenced in its catchline: "The Henry, like no other."

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