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It's 'Always Higher' for the students of EVEREST ACADEMY

Semper Altius (Latin), means “Always Higher”. Such is the perennial aim embraced by the global school network bearing that name. The Semper Altius school network manifests this simple philosophy in its mission to permeate the complete, integral formation of the young, in cooperation with their parents, so as to provide society with constructive leaders and convinced builders of a civilization reflecting justice and love according to the principles of Christian humanism.

The same “Always Higher” idea stands as the foundational doctrine motivating the teachers and students of Everest Academy Laguna. An affiliate school of Everest Academy Manila (Bonifacio Global City, Taguig), Everest Academy Laguna recently opened to add to the roster of this brand of Catholic International School which has now established presence in over 20 countries worldwide. At its pedagogical core is a child development program diligently instilled early in preschool—The Integral Formation®, a method developed by Regnum Christi Education (formerly National Consultants for Education) in the US.

It is by this exceptional program that Everest Academy composes its academic framework. And the results, so far, are remarkable— students inclined to excellence, while seeing Christian values as their strongest tools in honing their respective skills, and in dealing with the world around them. The students of Everest Academy are instilled with moral fortitude and practical wisdom in their mold to prepare them for roles of leadership and as aspirants of progress in society. A tandem of fundamental thinking allows Everest Academy to communicate these ideals as simply as possible to its students: Education to face the world, and Formation to change it.

Everest Academy’s curriculum earnestly addresses the physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and moral development of students. It achieves this with a special set of programs that attend to a coherent progression of skills, concepts, and knowledge in all areas of child development, specifically: Cognitive Development; Language Development; Physical and Motor Development; Social and Emotional Development; Moral and Spiritual Development; Development of an Apostolic Heart; and Development of Good Work Habits.

The school’s dynamic multi-faceted syllabus is deliberate in imbuing attitudes and virtues that characterize intellectually and socially mature persons, such as perseverance and completion of tasks, clear and controlled expression of thoughts and emotions, self-reflection, self-mastery, friendliness, and appropriate manners. And it does this as early as preschool.

Leaders inspired by Catholic values. Proponents of good and meaningful change in society. Discerning individuals who espouse both intellect social ideals in a life-long dedication to both learn and teach knowledge and the truth. Passionated creators of beauty and order. Steadfast bearers and promoters of hope. The graduates of Everest Academy shall tread along these archetypes.

Everest Academy belongs to a network of over 200 schools that advocate Excellence, Community, Charity, Integrity and Joy in the same manner. This international school network has garnered enough experience, in the course of more than 60 years, to certify and implement the Integral Formation model set forth by the Legionaries of Christ and Regnum Christi members in different countries all over the world.

Included in the school’s syllabus are programs for— Intellectual Development (including Catholic Formation, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography, Physical Education, and the Arts); Spiritual Development (to initiate and maintain a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, in he practice of a genuine spiritual life); Human Development (including Formative Discipline, positive motivation and guidance towards good morale character); and the Apostolic Development (aimed at elevating spiritual awareness to an apostolic level with Christ as the ultimate model).

In heart, mind and spirit, Everest Academy ultimately leads students towards one noble direction. Always Higher.


After school Program

Kids 4 Jesus is a program initiated by the school to augment their Catholic values through a more fun, personalized and proactive approach, while expanding spiritual strength and faith.

Everest Academy Preschool Laguna is the first Catholic International School in the Philippines, currently offering early childhood education programs for Toddler (2yo), PreK 3 (3yo) and PreK 4 (4yo). Enrollment is Ongoing.

Classes offer a low teacher-student ratio to for a more individualized approach. Slots, therefore, are quite limited and early reservations are highly encouraged. The school is also open for Parents Orientation and trial class every Friday 9:00 am to 10:00 am by appointment.

Everest Academy is building a bigger school. In the next couple of years, a second Everest Academy campus is expected to rise in Nuvali catering to K-12 students.

Career Opportunities

Everest Academy is open to excellent teachers who would want to join the Everest community and support the school in its mission as a Catholic International School. Interested parties may email

Everest Academy Laguna

2/F Laguna Central, Greenfields City

Santa Rosa - Tagaytay Rd, Don Jose,

Sta. Rosa, Laguna

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Contact No: +63 977 853 0707

Everest Academy Manila

3846 38th North Drive, Bonifacio Global City,

Taguig City 1634, Philippines

Contact No.: (+632) 882 5019

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