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Filetto di Manzo al Gorgonzola

This culinary delight from Italy is heartily enjoyed everywhere.


Italian cuisine is celebrated worldwide for its bold flavors and exquisite combinations. Among the treasured recipes from Italy's rich culinary repertoire is the Filetto di Manzo al Gorgonzola. This dish pairs the tenderness of beef fillet with the sharp, creamy richness of Gorgonzola cheese, creating a symphony of flavors that has won hearts across the globe.

Origins and Evolution

Filetto di Manzo al Gorgonzola originated in Northern Italy, a region known for its dairy products, particularly cheeses like Gorgonzola. This blue cheese, named after the small town of Gorgonzola near Milan, dates back to the 12th century. It is believed that combining Gorgonzola with steak was a way to enhance and complement the flavors of the beef with the intense and distinctive taste of the cheese.

Over the years, the recipe has seen various adaptations. Chefs have experimented with different types of wine reductions, herb infusions, and even the addition of mushrooms or onions to the sauce. The core of the dish, however, remains the same: a perfectly cooked beef fillet topped with a rich Gorgonzola sauce.



  • 4 beef fillet steaks (about 200 grams each)

  • 150 grams Gorgonzola cheese

  • 1/2 cup heavy cream

  • 1/4 cup beef broth

  • 1/4 cup dry white wine

  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper

  • 2 tablespoons olive oil

  • 2 cloves garlic, minced

  • Fresh herbs (like thyme or parsley) for garnish


  1. Prepare the Steaks: Season the fillets with salt and pepper. In a large skillet, heat the olive oil over medium-high heat. Add the steaks and cook to your desired doneness, about 4-5 minutes per side for medium-rare. Remove the steaks from the skillet and keep warm.

  2. Make the Sauce: In the same skillet, add the minced garlic and sauté until fragrant. Deglaze the pan with white wine, scraping up any browned bits from the bottom of the pan. Add the beef broth and bring to a simmer.

  3. Add the Gorgonzola: Reduce the heat and stir in the cream and Gorgonzola cheese. Continue cooking until the cheese has melted and the sauce has thickened slightly.

  4. Combine and Serve: Return the steaks to the skillet, spooning the sauce over them to warm through. Serve the steaks garnished with fresh herbs and extra sauce on the side.

Filetto di Manzo al Gorgonzola beautifully exemplifies how Italian cuisine combines simple ingredients to create complex flavors. This dish not only provides a gastronomic nod to Italy's culinary heritage but also highlights the adaptability and global appeal of Italian dishes. Whether served in a fine dining environment or recreated at home, this dish continues to be a testament to the timeless allure of Italian cooking.


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