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Inclusive Healthcare Starts from the Heart

Quezon Province's Mission to Bring Medical Care to Remote Communities


In Quezon province, a groundbreaking initiative has been set in motion through a collaborative effort between the provincial authorities and a network of medical professionals spanning various specialties. This initiative, which takes the form of medical missions, aims to extend a comprehensive range of healthcare services to the less accessible municipalities within the province, marking a significant step towards addressing the healthcare disparities faced by these communities.

The inaugural mission saw the mobilization of a dedicated team comprised of physicians, dental practitioners, and nursing staff. The first town to benefit from the program was San Antonio, where approximately 3,000 residents were given access to a wide array of medical services. These services included general health assessments, consultations, dental extractions, minor surgical interventions, eye examinations, ultrasound and laboratory diagnostics, and immunizations. The essence of this mission was not only to treat immediate health concerns but also to foster a culture of preventive healthcare among the population.

Governor Helen Tan of Quezon articulated the government's commitment to reaching every corner of the province, ensuring that no community is left without essential medical care. She emphasized the mission's holistic approach, aimed at delivering comprehensive and compassionate healthcare services to meet the diverse needs of the province's residents.

"We will try to provide genuine and natural service throughout Quezon to help everyone in need of medical support,” Tan said.

The success of this initiative is attributed to the collaborative synergy between the Quezon provincial government and a consortium of medical entities and professionals. This coalition includes esteemed institutions and organizations both within and beyond the Calabarzon region, such as the RAKKK Prophet Medical Center Inc., the Provincial Health Office, the Rizal and Quirino Memorial Medical Centers, the Southern Luzon Command, and the extensive network of Quezon Provincial Hospitals, among others. This partnership underscores the collective commitment to enhancing the well-being of the Quezon community.

The impact of the medical mission in San Antonio has been profoundly positive, with beneficiaries expressing heartfelt gratitude for the provision of critical healthcare services at no cost.

In addition to the primary healthcare services, the mission also facilitated the distribution of essential medications across the 14 barangays of San Antonio, further amplifying its impact on the community's health. This initiative not only addresses immediate health concerns but also contributes to the long-term improvement of health outcomes in the region.

Governor Tan has encouraged the residents of Quezon to stay informed about future missions through the provincial government's social media platforms, where updates and schedules will be regularly posted. This ensures that the communities are well-informed and can avail themselves of the healthcare services provided by forthcoming missions.

This pioneering healthcare initiative in Quezon province is a testament to the power of collaboration and community engagement in bridging healthcare gaps and building a healthier, more resilient society.


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