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Another Medal for DepEd Santa Rosa City Philippine Robotics Team

Cydric John V. Javier, Rein Eunice A. De Jesus, and Lorenz Ian D. Aliño garnered another medal for DepEd Santa Rosa City Philippine Robotics Team as they won the Bronze Medal in the Creative Category in the recently concluded 24th International Robot Olympiad (IRO) held in Phuket, Thailand from January 12 – 16, 2023.

From the 14 competing countries, the team won with their robot named “Collectiboat” the award. Collectiboat is an alternative waste collector from water surfaces which collect small trash and move it through a conveyor into a garbage bin. ‘Collectiboat’ also contains a filtration system that can filter other dirt and oil. It is also supported with solar panels as a backup power source.

Javier, De Jesus and Aliño are from Labas Senior High School their coach is Marianne Kristine Rayala and School Head Graziela Judy A. Pacheco.

Joining the competition was made possible through the support of the City Mayor Arlene B. Arcillas , Vice Mayor Arnold Arcillas, Edwina Olivar of Eridanus Center for Robotics,, SDS Manuela Tolentino, ASDS Ernesto D. Lindo, CID- Chief Luhinia Micua Ofren, EPS in Science- Jocelyn B. Reyes, Division ITO Jason P. Fabella, SEPS Jason G. Sagaysay of SocMob, TLE Supervisor Dr. Edwina C. Nabo , LR Supervisor Marigen N. Leosala, and the head coach of DepEd Santa Rosa City Philippine Robotics Team, Dominic E. Liquido.

Angat Santa Rosa!!

by: Edwina C. Nabo & Jocelyn B. Reyes


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