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Laguna Lake drinking water project wins award in London

Laguna Lake Drinking Water Treatment Plant (DWTP) wins the Global Water Awards for its remarkable innovation and operational efficiency.


The Poblacion Water Treatment Plant, strategically located to utilize the waters of Laguna Lake, has been recognized as the “Water Project of the Year” during the renowned Global Water Awards held in London on April 15. Referred to also as the Laguna Lake Drinking Water Treatment Plant (DWTP), this initiative stood out for its remarkable innovation, particularly in enhancing its operational and environmental efficiency, as highlighted by the awarding organization.

The Global Water Awards are an integral part of the Global Water Summit, an influential gathering for the global water industry. These awards are designed to acknowledge and honor outstanding achievements within the water sector, spotlighting projects and innovations that significantly push forward the boundaries of what is possible in water management and conservation.

The Laguna Lake DWTP is notable not only for its acclaim but also as the only project from the Philippines to receive such an honor this year. The facility, which is currently under construction in two stages, will ultimately boast a capacity of processing 150 million liters of water daily. Its completion is expected to address longstanding issues of water quality in the region. The plant incorporates cutting-edge technologies, including sophisticated methods for treating sludge and algae, ensuring the production of clean, safe drinking water.

For the execution of this project, Maynilad Water Services selected a consortium led by Acciona, a Spanish firm, and DMCI Holdings Inc., headed by the Consunji family in the Philippines, to handle the design, construction, and future operations of the plant. The global engineering firm Arup is involved as a consultant, offering specialized advice.

In addition to the plant's recognition, Acciona received accolades as the “Desalination Company of the Year” at the same awards ceremony, marking its continued excellence in the desalination sector for the year 2023. This year’s recognition marks the fifth occasion Acciona has earned this honor, having previously won similar accolades in 2010, 2013, and 2017. Their expertise in water management is further exemplified by their recent commission to construct the Casablanca Seawater Desalination Plant in Morocco, poised to become the world’s second-largest facility of its kind.

These accolades for Acciona underscore the company's role as a leader in the water services sector, continuously driving innovation in the treatment and desalination of water on a global scale. The development of the Laguna Lake DWTP, in conjunction with Acciona's growing list of prestigious projects, highlights the importance of advanced water treatment technologies in addressing critical water issues and ensuring sustainable water management practices worldwide.


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