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26 June 2019 – In the Philippines, 4 in every 100 middle-aged men and 2 in every 100 middle-aged women suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). It is as common as asthma in terms of occurence, yet most OSA sufferers remain undiagnosed and untreated.

For these reasons, QualiMed Hospital - Sta. Rosa is now offering sleep tests in its new Sleep Laboratory in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Patients at risk of OSA can now be diagnosed at the comfort of the hospital's Executive Suite or at their own homes.

"Getting enough rest and sleep is imperative to good health. A good night's sleep empowers both mind and body so we can be at our best everyday. As part of our mission to provide genuine Filipino care to our patients, we want to provide the help that OSA sufferers in our communities deserve," says Atty. Nirmala Vanguardia, chief operating officer of QualiMed Hospital - Sta. Rosa.

The opening of the Sleep Laboratory is made possible thru QualiMed Hospital - Sta. Rosa's partnership with Quality Sleep Enterprise Inc. (operating as Quality Sleep Philippines), which provides efficient and reliable diagnostics and effective therapies to improve the standards of care for patients who suffer from OSA and other sleep disorders.

"Quality Sleep Philippines is excited to partner with QualiMed Hospital - Sta. Rosa to deliver the highest quality diagnostic sleep test for OSA with the ARES sleep device by SleepMed. Our device supports superior accuracy compared to other level 3 sleep testing devices of its kind, by monitoring 6 channels: sleep/wake, snoring, oxygenation, breathing, pulse rate, and head position. The test is also manually scored by a Sleep Technologist, and interpreted by a Sleep Doctor; giving the patient peace of mind for the validity of the test," says Mr. Charles Cheung, managing director of Quality Sleep Philippines.

"QualiMed is continually on the lookout for partners that will help us improve and complement the quality and coverage of our services. Our partnership with Quality Sleep Philippines is a timely collaboration, which will significantly impact the health of our patients. Good sleep is fundamental to wellness: we are excited to see the benefits that our Sleep Laboratory will bring to our patients," adds Dr. Benjamin Sablan Jr., medical director of QualiMed Hospital - Sta. Rosa.

QualiMed Hospital in NUVALI, Sta. Rosa, Laguna is the first QualiMed-branded hospital in Southern Luzon under the QualiMed Health Network. It is a 102-bed general hospital located at NUVALI, Ayala Land’s eco-city development that is the country’s largest self-sustainable Eco-friendly community. QualiMed Hospital in Sta. Rosa shall have comprehensive capabilities for inpatient and outpatient healthcare services aimed at providing holistic wellness and healing to patients, thus enhancing the quality of life in communities in Laguna and the CALABARZON area.

QualiMed is a network of healthcare facilities owned and operated by Mercado General Hospital, Inc. (MGHI) in partnership with Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI). With “Alagang Abot-Kaya” or “quality care at an affordable cost” as our brand promise, QualiMed healthcare facilities are intended to cater to the needs of all markets, yet our affordability makes our services more accessible to the broad C socioeconomic class. Guided by our vision of leading the way towards a healthy Philippines, we are committed to fulfilling our mission to deliver our 3As, that is, Appropriate, Accessible, and Affordable healthcare to all the communities we serve.

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