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Laguna Day Tourism Expo 2018

EVOKING FOLKLORE, LTCATO Head Dr Rosauro A Sta Maria in a storytelling mode wistfully related the link between Laguna de Bai ( Lake of the Beautiful Maiden ) and the bountiful harvests of the province from Mother Nature. Laguna Lake is not a bay or gulf as it is not proximally connected to the ocean. According to legend, the maiden was known to have been "Maria Makiling". Makiling is an adjective for the local goddess who favors the true, the kind and the helpful while punishing those with opposite traits.

Doc Bimbo as Dr Sta Maria is fondly called, credited the Almighty for His endowment of the fertile land and the virtuously enterprising people of Laguna.

First on the list as Doc Bimbo enumerated samples of what Laguna is proud of is the monumental annual Anilag Festival, a harvest festival of resources and talented people. Highlighted in the video presentation are snippets of different spectacular events like the Heritage Fluvial Parade, Trade Fair Exhibit Competition featuring the best products and/or crafts of every city and municipality, the explosively colorful, exacting and well-choreographed Street Dance Competition, an exercise of unity and diversity, The Binibini and Ginoong Laguna - the best of beauty, brawn and brains which catapult winning contestants into national and eventually international pageants (Doc Bimbo has a qualified direct hand on this for its phenomenal success).

Related to this is the fashion craft exhibited by Burdang Lumban with its world renowned craftsmanship and the Laguna version of haute couture designers. The Gandang Lola Competition is a demonstration of the elderly women of Laguna in their time defying stances at modeling and talent presentation. Car show, dog show and pyrotechnic musicals plus other shows likewise make up the week-long celebration on scheduled days. The contest on Culinary Arts and food booths provide gastronomic pleasantries amidst the sense experience of sights and sounds. This is just an introduction at the Laguna Day Tourism Expo at Fora Mall Tagaytay City in November 24.

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